We're Solid, pt. 1

We're Solid, pt. 1 is an Event Quest and part of the Cloak and Dagger Special Event.


Character Action Time Location
Cloak Be Transparent 5m Stark Tower (holo display)
Cloak Just Keep Swimming 5m Count Nefaria's Palace

Quest DialogueEdit

Cloak: Kingpin is right. It's getting harder to hold on to a solid form.
Dagger: I wasn't gonna say anything, but... You've been a little transparent lately. And like, if you want to be ghostly I support you, but I'm getting kinda worried.
Cloak: It's going to be okay. I think there's somebody I can talk to.
Viv: You are becoming incorporeal? Is that something you do not want?
Cloak: Turning into a literal void is cool, but everyone needs to be solid sometimes.
Viv: Like during trust falls.
Cloak: And dinner time.
Viv: Forgive me. I did not realize that this was a matter of urgency.
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