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    To-Do List

    April 8, 2016 by ZepysGirl

    I just figured it'd be good to have a list of this stuff somewhere other than my head.

    • Make all character Action sections look like Iron Man's. Thanks everyone!
    • Get the +1.3k+1.9k (;_;) screenshots off my goddamn phone and onto the wiki.
      • For that matter, upload the pictures I've ALREADY got on my computer that haven't made it to the wiki yet.
    • Go through datamining threads/wiki on Reddit, make sure our pages are up to date.
    • Create Quad page. Thanks scy!
    • Create pages for...items? (do I want to do this to myself? no. will I? ...most likely.) Started! The Decorations pages are getting added slowly, but we're still missing a lot from past Events/the normal Decor items.
    • Create redirect pages for all of the characters based off their civilian names DONE!
      • Rela‚Ķ
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