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    To Do List

    May 2, 2017 by Pennydrdful

    To Do List

    - The Ancient One: Fix appearance descriptions, add PNG version of Rank 5

    - Zabu: Find better version of campus arrival screenshot

    - Sif: Update Action table, find new Rank 3 screenshot, add Missions to Upgrade tables

    - Lucky: Add rank titles, add Rank 5 and Ranks screenshot, add action rank 5 icons

    - Iron Fist: Fix Upgrades table, add dialogue to upgrade quests

    - Moon Knight: Add rank 5 action icons, add missions to upgrade table, add dialogue to upgrade quests

    - Electro: Add soundbites and action icons

    - Mockingbird: Add rank 5 screenshot, add PNG version of Ranks screenshot

    - Jack O'Lantern: Add soundbites and appearance

    - Mordo: Update Action table, add Rank 5 title and cost, add appearance

    - Singularity: Find/add Rank 3 screenshot, add Get Hea…

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