The Tony's Training Arcade is a Building. It was only available to participants of the Civil War Event.

Tony's Training Arcade is 3 x 3 (9) plots

Areas Edit

  • Dance Pad - A dancing platform with direction screen divided into two sides. Two characters allowed at a time (one character on each side).
  • VR Pad - A shooting game platform with Virtual Reality headset to wear.  One character allowed at a time.

Interactions Edit

Agent 13 Edit

  • Beat the High Score - 4h, Dance Pad

Black Panther Edit

  • Beat the Game - 4hr, Dance Pad

Black Widow Edit

  • Refuse to Lose - 2h, Dance Pad

Crossbones Edit

  • Beat Down the High Score - 4h, VR Pad

Iron Man Edit

  • Beat the Game - 8h, VR Pad

Madame Hydra Edit

  • Dominate High Scores - 4h, VR Pad

Sif Edit

  • Revolutionize Dancing - 6h, Dance Pad

Spider-Man Edit

  • Try Not to Trip - 4h, VR Pad

Winter Soldier Edit

  • Bionic vs. Electronic - 4h, VR Pad

Wonder Man Edit

  • Take Center Stage - 4h

Gallery Edit

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