The Throne is a Building that was only available for purchase during the Inhumans Event. It is stone structure, with a water feature, throne, and three floor levels. It takes up 4 x 4 (16) plots.

Requirements Edit

  • Unlocks at: Level 6
  • Cost: Free
  • Time: instant
  • New Action Areas: Chair, Right Edge, Left Edge, Stone

Action Areas Edit

  • Chair - the throne in the middle of the top floor.
  • Right Edge - the right edge of the top floor platform.
  • Left Edge - the left edge of the top floor platform.
  • Second Floor - the edge at the second floor.
  • Stone - the pink stone in the water feature on the ground level.

Interactions Edit

Auran Edit

  • Do Your Duty - 4h, Left Edge (Requires Medusa)

Black Bolt Edit

  • Be the King - 3h, Chair (Requires Medusa)

Crystal Edit

  • Get Elemental - 3h

Iron Man Edit

  • Enjoy the Show - 4h, Chair (Requires King Iron Man outfit)
  • Do the Wave - 4h, Chair (Requires King Iron Man outfit)

Karnak Edit

  • Shatter Stones - 4h, Stone

Medusa Edit

  • Deliberate - 4h

Wasp Edit

  • Be Totally Queenly! - 3h, Chair (Requires Queen Wasp outfit)
  • Be On Guard - 4h, Second Floor (Requires Queen Wasp outfit)

Trivia Edit

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