The Task At Hand

The Task At Hand is a Storyline Quest. This is the quest that allows you to bring Taskmaster to the Academy.


Avengers Academy 2.0Edit

  • Have Iron Man free Taskmaster!
Character Action Time Location
Iron Man Free Taskmaster 5m Stark Tower (holo display)

Avengers Academy 1.0Edit

  • Invite Taskmaster to the Academy!
  • Recruit Taskmaster!
    • 1 Cast Spells
    • 35 Throwing Knives
    • 50 Avengers Textbooks
    • 4,906 Credits
Character Action Time Location
Enchantress Cast Spells 1m Quad (walking)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Taskmaster: What do you want?
Loki: I want to get you what you want. Knowledge. Power. A challenge. A place where battle is a lifestyle, and warfare is the norm. The opportunity to be the best warrior in all the Nine Realms.
Taskmaster: What's in it for you?
Loki: Revenge.
Taskmaster: Where do we start? You say you're gonna make me the best warrior around, but I only get better when I'm fighting someone new.
Loki: Have you ever fought a Frost Giant?
Taskmaster: Nope.
Loki: If my plan works, we won't have to. If it doesn't, I'll be happy to let you take the first swing.
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