The Light Show!

The Light Show! is an Event Quest and part of the Spider-Man Event. It's time for Electro to join Avengers Academy!

Requirements Edit

  • Defeat Mysterio 7 Times
  • Invite Electro
Electro: Where's the court?!
Mysterio: I just broke you out of jail to help me reestablish the Sinister Six. Why would you want to go back to court?
Electro: Not that kinda court, reflector-head! A B-Ball court! I gotta show these fools my moves! Crossover! BAM! Fadeaway! Boom! Nasty Electro dunk! Pow! I gotta burn off this energy, and get more! More! MORE!
Mysterio: Sometimes I wish you were only an illusion...
Electro: Electro's the real deal, baby! Let's light this place up!
Spider-Man: Amazing!
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