The Blasting Range is a Building. It's a shooting range that allows your heroes to practice their various ranged attacks. The Blasting Range takes up 4 x 5 (20) plots.


  • Stage 1 - Stage 1 of The Blasting Range has one target
    • Unlocks at: Level 2 (tutorial)
    • Quest: Target Audience
    • Cost: 20 credits
    • Time: 8 seconds
    • New Action Areas: 1 targeting lane
  • Stage 2 - Stage 2 of The Blasting Range has two targets, allowing two heroes to train simultaneously
    • Unlocks at: Level 5
    • Quest: Avengers Assemble!, Pt. 6
    • Cost: 620 credits
    • Time: 15m
    • New Action Areas: 1 additional targeting lane
  • Stage 3 - Stage 3 of The Blasting Range has three targets
    • Unlocks at: Level 34
    • Quest: Mr. Big Shot, Pt. 2
    • Cost: 23,484 credits
    • Time: 1d 11hr
    • New Action Areas: 1 additional targeting lane

Action Areas Edit

  • Firing Points - the character stands at one end of the building and shoots ranged attacks at a mechanical target, eventually pushing the target to the far end of the range. As The Blasting Range is upgraded, more Firing Points become available. One character allowed at a time per Firing Point
  • Targets - the character stands down range by the targets, and becomes the target themselves. Currently this location is unique to Black Widow and Luke Cage. One character allowed at a time per Target


The Blasting Range allows interaction for many characters.

Black Widow Edit

  • Be Bulletproof - 1h, Targets (Requires Symbiote Black Widow outfit)
  • Test Widow's Bite - 1h, Firing Points (15m with Super Spy Widow outfit)

Captain America Edit

  • Sling Your Shield - 15m, Firing Points

Crimson Dynamo Edit

  • Destroy Targets - 4h

Crossbones Edit

  • Target Go Boom - 1h, Firing Points

Elektra Edit

  • Throw Stars - 30m, Firing Points

Enchantress Edit

  • Refine Attacks - 30m, Firing Points

Green Goblin Edit

  • Have a Ball - 2h, Firing Points

Hawkeye Edit

  • I Love Arrows - 2m, Firing Points

Iron Man Edit

  • Fire Repulsors - 15m, Firing Points
  • Command Missiles - 15m, Firing Points (3m 45s with Superior Iron Man outfit)
  • Activate Space Repulsors - 15m, Firing Points (Requires Intergalactic Iron Man outfit)
  • Show Superiority - 3h, Firing Points (Requires Superior Iron Man outfit)
  • Blast From the Future - 4h, Firing Points (Requires 2099 Iron Man outfit)

Luke Cage Edit

  • Be Indestructible - 1h 30m, Targets

Madame Hydra Edit

  • Crack The Whip - 6h, Firing Points

Maria Hill Edit

  • Take Your Best Shot - 1m, Firing Points

M.O.D.O.K. Edit

  • Activate Arsenal - 2h, Firing Points

Peggy Carter Edit

  • Shoot Like A Girl - 5h, Firing Points

Pepper Potts Edit

  • Practice Your Craft - 6h, Firing Points

Phil Coulson Edit

  • Test the Merchandise - 45m, Firing Points

Spider-Man Edit

  • Work On Your Aim - 1h, Firing Points
  • Attack the Target - 4h, Firing Points (Requires Symbiote Spider-Man outfit)

Spider-Woman Edit

  • Fire Venom Blasts - 45m, Firing Points

Union Jack Edit

  • Use Secret Weapons - 1h, Firing Points

Vision Edit

  • Calibrate Blasts - 2m, Firing Points

War Machine Edit

  • Bring Out The Big Gun - 2m, Firing Points

Wasp Edit

  • Have A Blast - 2m, Firing Points
  • Blast From The Future! -15m, Firing Points (Requires Retro-Futuristic Wasp outfit)
  • Vent! - 1h, Firing Points
  • Meet My Little Friend! - 5h, Firing Points (Requires Mobster Wasp outfit)

Winter Soldier Edit

  • Fire At Will - 6h, Firing Points

Wonder Man Edit

  • Take the Perfect Shot - 4h, Firing Points


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