The Arena Of War is a Building. It is available at level 18. It is an outdoor arena with space in the center for sparring. There are broken columns around the edge, two pair of arsenal weapons, and stairs that lead to an underground section. The Arena is most commonly used by two characters doing an action together in the Stage action area. This building is most closely tied with Ares. The Arena Of War takes up 5 x 5 (25) plots.

Requirements Edit

  • Stage 1 - Stage 1 of The Arena Of War is the basic layout.
    • Unlocks at: Level 18
    • Quest: The Good Fight, Pt. 1
    • Cost: 3,646 Credits
    • Time: 19h
    • New Action Areas: Inside, Stage, Weapons
  • Stage 2 - Stage 2 of The Arena Of War adds a row of columns in the back, with banners hanging off the top. The crossed spears to the right of the arena are replaced by a pair of axes and a shield.

Action Areas Edit

As you upgrade The Arena of War, you add to the available actions characters can do at the building.

  • Inside - the character goes down the stairs to the area under the Stage. Presumably a light will shine from inside to indicate it is in use. No limit on characters.
  • Stage - the main action area of The Arena Of War. Characters spar against each other using the standard fighting animation. Two characters (doing one action) allowed at a time.
  • Weapons - the area by the weapons to the right of the stage. So far only Baron Zemo uses this location. One character allowed at a time.

Interactions Edit

The Arena Of War allows various interactions for many characters.

Baron Zemo Edit

  • Prepare For War - 2h, Stage (requires 1 other student)
  • Hail HYDRA! - 3h, Weapons

Black Widow Edit

  • Show War Who's Boss - 25m, Stage

Loki Edit

  • Beat A Lesser God - 25m, Stage
  • Use A Force Field - 4h, Stage (requires 1 other student)

Pepper Potts Edit

  • Evaluate Recruits - 4h, Stage (requires 1 other student)

Wasp Edit

  • Float Like a Butterfly - 5m, Stage

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