The Abstract Arts, pt. 2

The Abstract Arts, pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the Infinity War Event.

Requirements Edit

Rank Up Scarlet Witch! (Rank 5)

  • 20,000 Credits, 100 Mystic Fragments
Character Action Time Location
Scarlet Witch Walk the Witches' Road 5m The Timeless Archives (inside)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Scarlet Witch: Witchcraft, the abstract entity that links all life on Earth, is under attack from the embodiment of Chaos. It's losing. And without Witchcraft, there's basically no way to beat Thanos.
Wiccan: Who, I'd like to add, is basically doing all of this to impress a completely different abstract entity. Because that's the kinda weirdness we're dealing with today.
Nico Minoru: This is totally blowing my mind. How can I help?
Scarlet Witch: For this to work, we'll need three witches. We're going to a plane where stories and patterns overrule reality. To save Witchcraft, we need to walk the Witches' Road.
Wiccan: So that was... significantly more confusing than I anticipated. We won, right?
Scarlet Witch: We restored balance, yes. I'm not sure I understand it myself, but Witchcraft feels whole again. That's what we need to defeat Thanos and save the rest of the universe.
Wiccan: That's a relief. I'm getting good at this magic thing, and I'd hate to stop on account of homicidal galactic conquerors. There's a whole world of witchcraft, and I'm just getting started.
Scarlet Witch: You've made extraordinary progress on your own, but I'd be happy to teach you what I can. You'll make a fantastic demiurge one day.
Wiccan: Thanks, Mom.
Scarlet Witch: What?
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