Tech and Tactics, pt. 2

Tech and Tactics, pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the Armor Wars Event.

Requirements Edit

Upgrade Ironheart! (Rank 3)

  • 15 Jetpacks, 4,000 Iron Scraps
Character Action Time Location
Ironheart Practice Turbo Punches 2m Avengers Dorm (punching bag)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Mockingbird: I hear your combat strategy is to never lose. I respect that, and I want to make that happen.
Ironheart: Bobbi Morse? The scientist?!
Mockingbird: You know who I am, aside from hitting stuff with sticks?
Ironheart: Teach me everything!
Mockingbird: It would be my genuine pleasure.
Mockingbird: You're gonna be a great Super Hero, but I'm sure you already knew that.
Ironheart: Doesn't mean it isn't nice to hear.
Mockingbird: As part of your training... how about a mission?
Ironheart: There is literally nothing I want to do more.
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