Spectacular Science Crate!

Spectacular Science Crate! is a Event Quest and part of the Legends Assemble Event.

Requirements Edit

  • Open the Spectacular Science Crate!

Quest Dialogue Edit

Iron Man: You did it!
Bruce Banner Hulk: I finally figured out how to reverse my transformation into Hulk. I should hopefully be able to switch back and forth at will from now on.
Iron Man: Why not just stay the strongest guy in the world?
Bruce Banner Hulk: Scientists like you and Professor Pym will be remembered for using you genius to save the world. I'll be remembered for having green skin, and torn shorts. I'm Hulk, but I'm a scientist first.
Iron Man: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!
Bruce Banner Hulk: Original science bros!
Pepper Potts: This is so exciting! Is there anything we can get you that you don't already have as Hulk?
Bruce Banner Hulk: No thanks, Pepper. I'm just gonna try to stay calm, and focus on my research.
Pepper Potts: Sounds great!
Bruce Banner Hulk: Actually, now that I think about it, I could probably use a bunch of clothes. Just in case, you know, these ones explode off my body. Hulk problems.
Pepper Potts: Sure. Just send me your sizes, and we'll put in an order. It might take a couple days.
Bruce Banner Hulk: Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
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