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Thank you for checking this out! So far, we need help with:

  • THE Heroic Event Missions PAGE!!!
    • While this page is meant to be a useful resource, it requires a great deal of time and effort to be helpful!
    • The best way to add to this page is to go through the http://avengers-academy.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Heroic_Mission tag, and add missions in as you see them.
      • Please note—some of the missions under this tag will have non-Heroic duplicates. Please only add Heroics!
  • Building a list of misnamed images or JPG images.
    • Please don't rename them—that creates a redirect page that the mods will need to go in and delete.
    • We're trying to make all of our pictures high quality PNGs! If you see a file other than PNG, feel free to tell us as well.
  • Images in general.
    • We're missing quite a few. If you can help us fill in some of the gaps, please feel free to!
  • Logo!
    • We definitely need a Wikia-specific one.
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