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The Coldest War, pt. 1The Coldest War, pt. 2The Comfort Zone, Pt. 1
The Comfort Zone, Pt. 2The ConnoisseurThe Cowboy Way, pt. 1
The Cowboy Way, pt. 2The Cowboy Way, pt. 3The Crossbones Challenge!
The Daily BugleThe Daredevil Challenge!The Dark of Knight
The Daywalker, pt. 1The Daywalker, pt. 2The Daywalker, pt. 3
The Destroyer, Pt. 1The Destroyer, Pt. 2The Destroyer, Pt. 3
The Destroyer, Pt. 4The Devil LanternThe Devil Wears Armor, Pt. 1
The Devil Wears Armor, Pt. 2The Devil Wears Armor, pt. 1The Devil Wears Armor, pt. 2
The Dragon of HeavenThe Drax Challenge!The Dread Pirate Wasp, pt. 1
The Dread Pirate Wasp, pt. 2The Dread Pirate Wasp, pt. 3The End of All Things
The End of InfinityThe Fabled BladeThe Fall Of Hydra!, Pt. 1
The Fall Of Hydra!, Pt. 2The Fall Of Hydra!, Pt. 3The Fangs Are Out!
The Fate of Inhumanity, pt. 1The Fate of Inhumanity, pt. 2The Fate of Inhumanity, pt. 3
The Fool's LanternThe Forbidden DanceThe Friendly Sky
The Fun One, Pt. 1The Fun One, Pt. 2The Fun One, Pt. 3
The Future of AmericaThe Gamora Challenge!The Ghost Rider Challenge!
The Gift And The CurseThe God QuarryThe Good Fight, Pt. 1
The Good Fight, Pt. 2The Good Fight, Pt. 3The Graduates
The Great Devourer, Pt. 1The Great Devourer, Pt. 2The Great Pumpkin Hunt, Pt. 1
The Great Pumpkin Hunt, Pt. 2The Great Pumpkin Hunt, Pt. 3The Great Pumpkin Hunt, Pt. 4
The Hand's WeaponsThe Hellcat Challenge!The Hero Next Door, Pt. 1
The Hero Next Door, Pt. 2The Hero We Deserve, Pt. 1The Hero We Deserve, Pt. 2
The Hero We Need, Pt. 1The Hero We Need, Pt. 3The Hero We Need, pt. 2
The Holiday Spirit! pt. 1The Holiday Spirit! pt. 2The Holiday Spirit! pt. 3
The Home TeamThe HoodThe Hood's Hoodie Shop
The King and I, pt. 1The King and I, pt. 2The King and I, pt. 3
The Language Of CrunchThe Last Monster, Pt. 1The Last Monster, Pt. 2
The Last Try, Pt. 1The Last Try, Pt. 2The Last Try, Pt. 3
The Latest BlastersThe Light Show!
The Living BrainThe Living Legend, Pt. 1The Living Legend, Pt. 2
The Living Legend, Pt. 3The Living Legend, Pt. 4The Living Weapon!
The LizardThe Lizard's TerrariumThe Lizard Bobblehead
The Looming Battle, Pt. 1The Looming Battle, Pt. 2The Luke Cage Challenge!
The Madame Hydra Challenge!The Magnificent Mysterio!The Main Event
The Man Without Fear!The Marvel
The Master Becomes The MasterThe Maverick Dorm
The Mighty Thor, pt. 1The Mighty Thor, pt. 2The Mighty Thor, pt. 3
The MonolithThe New Champions, pt. 1The New Dora Milaje, pt. 1
The New Dora Milaje, pt. 2The New Dora Milaje, pt. 3The New Girl, pt. 1
The New Girl, pt. 2The New Girl, pt. 3The New Girl, pt. 4
The New Guard, Pt. 1The New Guard, Pt. 2The Next Big Thing, Pt. 1
The Next Big Thing, Pt. 2The Next EventThe Odinsword
The Plot ThickensThe Power Cosmic!, pt. 1The Power Cosmic!, pt. 2
The Power Cosmic!, pt. 3The Power GymThe Power Tectonic, pt. 1
The Power Tectonic, pt. 2The Power Tectonic, pt. 3The Prince's Diaries, Pt. 1
The Prince's Diaries, Pt. 2The Problem at HandThe Punisher Challenge!
The PymobileThe Queen!The Queenpin, Pt. 1
The Queenpin, Pt. 2The Queenpin, Pt. 3The Quinjet Hangar
The Real Black Widow, Pt. 1The Real Black Widow, Pt. 2The Real Black Widow, Pt. 3
The Real Black Widow, Pt. 4The Real Hero, pt. 1The Real Hero, pt. 2
The Real Heroes, Pt. 1The Real Heroes, Pt. 2The Right Person
The Rise of Magic!, pt 1The Rise of Magic!, pt 2The Robo Dojo
The Rocket Raccoon Challenge!The Royal Guard, pt. 1The Royal Guard, pt. 2
The Royal Guard, pt. 3The Runaways Special EventThe S.H.I.E.L.D. Job, Pt. 1
The S.H.I.E.L.D. Job, Pt. 2The S.H.I.E.L.D. Job, Pt. 3The Search For Knowledge
The Secret is Out!, pt. 1The Secret is Out!, pt. 2The Secret is Out!, pt. 3
The Sensational Spider-Crate!The Sorcerer Supreme!, pt 1The Sorcerer Supreme!, pt 2
The Sorcerer Supreme!, pt 3The Squad, pt. 1The Squad, pt. 2
The Star-Lord Challenge!The Strongest There Is, Pt. 1The Strongest There Is, Pt. 2
The Strongest There Is, Pt. 3The Study Of LokiThe Sword in the Stone
The Task At HandThe Thinking Man's Pirate, pt. 1The Thinking Man's Pirate, pt. 2
The Throg Prince, pt. 1The Throg Prince, pt. 2The Throg Prince, pt. 3
The ThroneThe Timeless ArchivesThe Tome Collector
The Tuxedo Effect, Pt. 2The Tuxedo Effect, Pt. 3The Ultimate Beginning, pt. 1
The Ultimate Beginning, pt. 2The Ultimate Hero!The Ultimate Warrior
The Ultimate Weapon, Pt. 1The Ultimate Weapon, Pt. 2The Ultimate Weapon, Pt. 3
The Ultimate Weapon, Pt. 4The Unseen, pt. 1The Unseen, pt. 2
The Warbound, pt. 1The Warbound, pt. 2The Warbound, pt. 3
The WarningThe Webs We Weave, Pt. 1The Webs We Weave, Pt. 2
The Webs We Weave, Pt. 3The Webs We Weave, Pt. 4The Wild Pack, pt. 1
The Wild Pack, pt. 1 (Rank 5)The Wild Pack, pt. 2The Wild Pack, pt. 3
The Winter Parade, pt. 1The Winter Parade, pt. 2The Winter Parade, pt. 3
The Winter Soldier Challenge!The Worthy, pt. 1The Worthy, pt. 2
The Worthy, pt. 3There's A Lot Of Us
There's Still Time, Pt. 1There's Still Time, Pt. 2There's Still Time, Pt. 3
There's Still Time, Pt. 4There's Still Time, Pt. 5There Are No Rules, pt. 1
There Are No Rules, pt. 2There Are No Rules, pt. 3They Created a Monster!
They Deserve ItThey See Her Rolling, pt. 1They See Her Rolling, pt. 2
They See Her Rolling, pt. 3Things Fall ApartThink About It, Pt. 1
Think About It, Pt. 2Think Tank, Pt. 1Think Tank, Pt. 2
Thirst For KnowledgeThis Is A Test!This Is Your Captain Speaking, Pt. 1
This Is Your Captain Speaking, Pt. 2This Is Your Captain Speaking, Pt. 3This Means War!
This is My Costume, pt. 1This is My Costume, pt. 2This is My Costume, pt. 3
ThorThor's ChariotThor/AVAC 1.0 Ranks
Thor/AVAC 2.0 RanksThor/Current RequirementsThor/Past Requirements
Thor: Ragnarok EventThor MonsterThor Noir
Thor Noir's CarThorproof?Thought Process
Threat LevelThree Cheers for Sweet Revenge, pt. 1Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, pt. 2
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, pt. 3ThrogThrone of Asgard
Through the Looking-Glass, pt. 1Through the Looking-Glass, pt. 2Through the Looking-Glass, pt. 3
Throwback Thursday, Pt. 1Throwback Thursday, pt. 2Thunder Zone
Tiger-Style, pt. 1Tiger-Style, pt. 2Tiger Beat, Pt. 1
Tiger Beat, Pt. 2Tiger SharkTiger Shark's Cell
Tiger Shark BobbleheadTigraTigra/AVAC 1.0 Ranks
Tigra/AVAC 2.0 RanksTigra/Current RequirementsTigra/Past Requirements
Time AwayTime For FuryTime To Celebrate
Time To Get IllTime To ShineTime Travail, Pt. 1
Time Travail, Pt. 2Time Travail, Pt. 3Time and Space, Pt. 1
Time and Space, Pt. 2Time to Train!
Tis The SeasonTo Recruit A ThiefTo The Rescue! (Limited Time!)
To The Squirrel-A-Gig!To the Hellcatmobile!Toil and Trouble!
Tomes of Kamar-TajTony's Training Arcade
Tony Stark's RideTony Time, Pt. 1
Tony Time, Pt. 2Tony Time, Pt. 3Tony Time, Pt. 4
Too Many Geniuses, pt. 1Too Many Geniuses, pt. 2Tooth and Nail!
Top Dog!Top Secret, Pt. 1Top Secret, Pt. 2
Top Secret, Pt. 3Totally Awesome!, pt. 1Totally Awesome!, pt. 2
Totally Awesome!, pt. 3Totally Invincible!, pt. 1Totally Invincible!, pt. 2
Totally Invincible!, pt. 3Tough as a Rock, pt. 1Tough as a Rock, pt. 2
Tough as a Rock, pt. 3Tower of WisdomTrack Meet
Trade SecretsTrain StationTraining Day
Training Day, pt. 1Training Day, pt. 2Training Day, pt. 3
Training Is FunTraitor!, Pt. 1Traitor!, Pt. 2
Transdimensional ArchTrapped MonsterTreasure Hunter
Tree of Worlds, Pt. 1Tree of Worlds, Pt. 2Trick or Treat!

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