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Hail Hydra, Pt. 3Hail Hydra, Pt. 4Hairball
Hairball BobbleheadHalloween Arcade GameHalloween Candy Factory
Halloween CarouselHalloween CthulhuHalloween House Party
Halloween PenguinHam It Up, Pt. 1Ham It Up, Pt. 2
Ham It Up, Pt. 3Hammer TimeHand Banner
Hand Ninja BossHand Ninja DojoHands Off
Hank PymHappy Birthday, Cap!Happy Ending
Hard WorkHard of Hearing, pt. 1Hard of Hearing, pt. 2
Harlem's ParadiseHarrisonHaunted Avengers Mansion
Haunted House Party!Haunted SwampHave A Plan
Have Some Fun, Pt. 1Have Some Fun, Pt. 2Have fun!
Having Visions, pt. 1Having Visions, pt. 2Hawkeye
Hawkeye's ApartmentHawkeye/AVAC 1.0 RanksHawkeye/AVAC 2.0 Ranks
Hawkeye/Current RequirementsHawkeye/Past Requirements
He's CraftyHe's a Keeper, pt. 1He's a Keeper, pt. 2
He's a Keeper, pt. 3He'sss Not a Monssster!Head Start!
Head of Security, Pt. 1Head of Security, Pt. 2Head of Security, Pt. 3
Head of Security, Pt. 4Head of Security, Pt. 5Head of the Class, Pt. 1
Head of the Class, Pt. 2Head of the Class, Pt. 3Head of the Class, Pt. 4
Headmistress of Mayhem, Pt. 1Headmistress of Mayhem, Pt. 2Headmistress of Mayhem, Pt. 3
Headmistress of Mayhem, Pt. 4Headmistress of Mayhem, Pt. 5Headmistress of Mayhem, Pt. 6
Healer Singularity!Heart AttackHeart Attack, Pt. 1
Heart Attack, Pt. 2Heart of New York, Pt. 1Heart of New York, Pt. 2
Heart of the Spider, pt. 1Heart of the Spider, pt. 2Heavy is the Head, pt. 1
Heck Yeah!HeimdallHeimdall Bobblehead
HeirophantHel's BifrostHel on Midgard, pt. 1
Hel on Midgard, pt. 2Hel on Midgard, pt. 3Hela
Hela's ThroneHelicarrier
Hell's Kitchen Halloween EventHell PigHellcat
Hellcat's CatHellcat's NewstationHellcat Bobblehead
HellcatmobileHellishly Hot Halloween Deal!
Help Me OutHelp One AnotherHenchmen, Assemble!
Henchmen HeadquartersHer Majesty's S.H.I.E.L.D., Pt. 1Her Majesty's S.H.I.E.L.D., Pt. 2
Her WorldHerculesHercules' Mech
Here's the Deal, pt. 1Here's the Deal, pt. 2Here's the Deal, pt. 3
Here Come Punisher!Here Comes the Sun, pt. 1Here Comes the Sun, pt. 2
Hero For Hire, Pt. 1Hero For Hire, Pt. 2Hero Lessons
Hero of Harlem, pt. 1Hero of Harlem, pt. 2Hero of Harlem, pt. 3
Heroic Event MissionsHeroic Henchman MonumentHeroic Pursuits, Pt. 1
Heroic Pursuits, Pt. 2Heven's PenguinHi-Vo
Hidden Depths, pt. 1Hidden Depths, pt. 2Hidden Depths, pt. 3
Hidden Falcon, Pt. 1Hidden Falcon, Pt. 2Hidden Falcon, Pt. 3
High-EnergyHigh-Risk, Pt. 1High-Risk, Pt. 2
High EnergyHigh Priestess
Hit-MonkeyHit-Monkey BobbleheadHit It
Hit The FloorHit the Bullseye, pt. 1Hit the Bullseye, pt. 2
Hit the Jackpot!Hmmm...Hocus Pocus, pt. 1
Hocus Pocus, pt. 2HogunHogun the Grim, pt. 1
Holiday DinosaurHoliday Ice RinkHoliday Penguin Scene
Holiday Snow MonsterHoliday Tiger GlobeHoliday Tree Scene
Holiday Wolf GlobeHoly Ghost CathedralHome Away From Home
Home Isss Where the Sssewer Isss, Pt. 1Home Isss Where the Sssewer Isss, Pt. 2Homecoming Ceremony!
Homecoming Photo Booth!Homesick, Pt. 1Homesick, Pt. 2
Homesick For HellHonor StudentHope van Dyne
Horizon LabsHot Dog StandHoverbase
HoverclassHow've You Bin?!How to Dugan, pt. 3
Howard Stark StatueHoward the DuckHoward the Duck!
Howard the Duck BobbleheadHowling Commando!Howling Commando 2.0
Howling CommandosHuge Crystal MineHuge Energy Generator
Huge Sonic Detonator GeneratorHuge Vibranium FactoryHulk
Hulk ContainerHulk CraterHulk Knock Life, Pt. 1
Hulk Knock Life, Pt. 2Hulk Knock Life, Pt. 3Hulk Smash!
Hulk Transfer?, Pt. 1Hulk Transfer?, Pt. 2Hulk vs. Hulk, Pt. 1
Hulk vs. Hulk, Pt. 2Hulk vs. Hulk, Pt. 3Hulkbuster!
Hulkbuster FoundryHulkbuster PrototypeHulkenstein
HulklingHulkling/AVAC 1.0 RanksHulkling/AVAC 2.0 Ranks
Hulkling/Current RequirementsHulkling/Past RequirementsHumongous Ball of Yarn
Hungry Like a Wolf, pt. 1Hungry Like a Wolf, pt. 2Hunky-Dory
Hunting Season, Pt. 1Hunting Season, Pt. 2Hunting Season, Pt. 3
HvergelmirHydraHydra's Revenge!, Pt. 1
Hydra's Revenge!, Pt. 2Hydra's Revenge!, Pt. 3Hydra's Revenge!, Pt. 4
Hydra's Revenge!, Pt. 5Hydra's Revenge!, Pt. 6Hydra Agent
Hydra BattleshipHydra Dirt
Hydra State Of MindHyperionI'll Be There
I Am Your Leader, Pt. 1I Am Your Leader, Pt. 2I Like Ultron, Pt. 1
I Like Ultron, Pt. 2I Swear, Pt. 1I Swear, Pt. 2
I Totally Choose You!, Pt. 1I Totally Choose You!, Pt. 2I Totally Choose You!, Pt. 3
I am Groot!, Pt. 1I am Groot!, Pt. 2I am Groot!, Pt. 3
Ice PalaceIf You Can't Stand the Heat...Illegal Alien, Pt. 1
Illegal Alien, Pt. 2Immortal Combat!Immortal Weapon Iron Fist!
Immortal Weapons, Pt. 1Immortal Weapons, Pt. 2Important Announcement
In Hot WaterIn Hot Water, Pt. 1In Hot Water, Pt. 2
In a Shadow, pt. 1In a Shadow, pt. 2In the Dog House!
In the Moment, pt. 1In the Moment, pt. 2In the Moment, pt. 3
Inconceivable!Incredible Hulk Arcade GameIndestructible!, pt. 1
Indestructible!, pt. 2Indestructible!, pt. 3Industrial Strength
Industrial Strength (Storyline)InfernoInfinite Possibilities, pt. 1
Infinite Possibilities, pt. 2Infinity PoolInfinity Shard Iron Man
Infinity War EventInhuman's Best Friend, pt. 1Inhuman's Best Friend, pt. 2
Inhuman's Best Friend, pt. 3Inhuman Expectations, pt. 1Inhuman Expectations, pt. 2
Inhuman Expectations, pt. 3Inhuman Insecurities, pt. 1Inhuman Insecurities, pt. 2
Inhuman Insecurities, pt. 3Inhuman Royal FamilyInhuman in Common, pt. 1
Inhuman in Common, pt. 2Inhuman in Common, pt. 3Inhumans Event
Injector CylinderInnocent BystanderInsects Assemble!
Insects Assemble?!Inside Information, Pt. 1Inside Information, Pt. 2
Inside Information, Pt. 3Intel and Tangoes!, Pt. 1Intel and Tangoes!, Pt. 2
Intel and Tangoes!, Pt. 3Intergalactic Iron Man BobbleheadInto the Net, pt. 1
Invincible Iron Man!Invincible Iron Squirrel!Invitation To War
Iron Cap's EagleIron FistIron Fist's Baby Dragon
Iron Fist's Zen GardenIron Fist/AVAC 1.0 RanksIron Fist/AVAC 2.0 Ranks
Iron Fist/Current RequirementsIron Fist/Past RequirementsIron Fist Bobblehead
Iron LadIron Lad's Time ShipIron Lad Bobblehead
Iron Legion RobotIron Maiden, pt. 1Iron Maiden, pt. 2
Iron Maiden, pt. 3Iron ManIron Man's Airship
Iron Man's Armor Display CaseIron Man's LabIron Man's Mancave
Iron Man's Polar BearIron Man's UnicornIron Man/AVAC 1.0 Ranks
Iron Man/AVAC 2.0 RanksIron Man Statue
Iron ManateeIron PenguinIron Prototype
Iron Spider, Pt. 1Iron Spider, Pt. 2
Iron Spider-Man, pt. 1Iron Spider-Man, pt. 2Iron Spider-Man, pt. 3
Iron Spider PrototypeIron SurferIron Tippy-Toe
Iron UnicornIron Widow, Pt. 1Iron Widow, Pt. 2
Iron Widow, Pt. 3IronheartIronheart's Dog
Ironheart Mark I, pt. 1Ironheart Mark I, pt. 2Ironheart Mark I, pt. 3
It's A ClassicIt's A SecretIt's A Small World, Pt. 1

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