Sanctum Sanctorum is a Building. It was available for a limited time during Marvel's Doctor Strange Event. It's a two-story structure. The Sanctum Sanctorum takes up 3 x 5 plots.

Requirements Edit

  • Unlocks at: 6
  • Cost: Free
  • Time: Instant
  • New Action Areas: Door, Roof

Action Areas Edit

  • Door - the front of the building. Currently this action area is unique to Nico Minoru.
  • Roof - the character goes into the roof. Currently this action area is unique to Doctor Strange.

Interactions Edit

Doctor Strange Edit

  • Think in Circles - 6h, Roof

Loki Edit

  • Mark Your Territory - 3h, ??? (Requires Imortal Sorcerer Loki)

Nico Minoru Edit

  • Knock Knock - 3m 20s, Door

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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