Ronan was first introduced as the primary antagonist in the Guardians of the Galaxy Event. During the event, he sent Chitauri to roam the campus and battle the students. He's a subordinate to Thanos, and wields the Universal Weapon. He was also the primary antagonist in the Avengers Under Siege Event and Cosmic Cataclysm Event.

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Ronan gathered an army of Chitauri soldiers and invaded Earth in the name of the Kree Empire. In order to defeat him, Black Widow used Baby Cthulhu to drive Ronan insane with fear. With his defeat, the Kree government renounced Ronan, and the remaining Chitauri abandoned him.

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Ronan has blue skin and solid white eyes. He wears a long, short-sleeved black coat over a green shirt and black pants, black boots, and fingerless black gloves.

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Ronan mocks Crystal for forming alliances with other nations, but not the Kree. He warns her that now the Inhumans have allied with the Avengers Academy, they consider them a threat.

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