The Return of A-Force Special Event began on 12 January 2018, and features Red She-Hulk, A.I.M. Scientist, Iron Legion Robot, Chitauri Soldier, Newscaster Supreme, Angela, Singularity, America Chavez, and Captain Marvel as recruitable and premium characters.

Story Edit

Our heroes face their greatest challenge yet when Thanos' greatest warrior, Proxima Midnight, threatens to destroy Avengers Academy. The Avengers team up with the A-Force and the henchmen living in the bushes to fight the Black Order and save the planet!

How To Play Edit

Episode 1 Edit

  • Collect Henchmen Rulebooks from the event mission board to train A.I.M. Scientists.
  • Send your A.I.M. Scientists to battle Chitauri Soldiers guarding the Yellow Portal to collect Anti-Static Devices to send your heroes to battle Chitauri on Chitauri Prime.
  • Use Ultimate Nullifiers from defeating Chitauri on Chitauri Prime to battle The Chitauri Warrior on Heroic Chitauri Prime to get A.I.M. Intel for recruiting Angela and the A.I.M. Scientist.

Episode 2 Edit

  • Collect Henchmen Rulebooks from the event mission board and Training Software from sending Iron Man to Develop Training Software to train Iron Legion Prototypes.
  • Send your Protoypes to battle Chitauri Grunts guarding the Age of Ultron Portal to collect Hive-Mind Disruptors to send your heroes to battle Chitauri on Saturn's Rings.
  • Use Phasers from defeating Chitauri to battle the Chitauri Boss on the Heroic Outer Ring of Saturn to get Iron Legion Intel for recruiting Singularity and the Iron Legion Robot.

Episode 3 Edit

  • Collect Henchmen Rulebooks from the event mission board and Mind Control Inhibitors from sending Black Widow to make tinfoil hats to train Chitauri Commandos.
  • Send your Commandos to battle Chitauri Grunts guarding the Sanctuary Portal to collect Smoke Machines. Use the Smoke Machines to send your heroes to battle Chitauri on Sanctuary.
  • Use Cosmic Sunscreen from defeating Chitauri on Sanctuary to battle Proxima Midnight. Defeat her to get Chitauri Intel for recruiting America Chavez and the Chitauri Soldier.

Characters Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Angela Edit

  • 3 A.I.M Intel (from Chitauri Warrior)
  • 5 Halos (from Heven's Penguin)
  • 18 Demon Skulls (from the Mission Board)
  • 1,000 Membership Cards

A.I.M. Scientist Edit

  • 7 A.I.M. Intel (from Chitauri Warrior)
  • 7 Chess Pieces (from A.I.M. 3D Chess)
  • 50 A.I.M. Hoodies (from the Mission Board)
  • 3,000 Membership Cards

Red She-Hulk Edit

  • 595 Shards

Pepper Potts Edit

  • 325 Shards

Episode 2 Edit

Singularity Edit

  • 3 Iron Legion Intel (from Chitauri Boss)
  • 5 Bunnies (from Wormhole Module)
  • 18 Stars (from Mission Board)
  • 2,500 Membership Cards

Iron Legion Robot Edit

  • 7 Iron Legion Intel (from Chitauri Boss)
  • 7 Stark Chips (from Ultron Flag)
  • 58 Artificial Brains (from Mission Board)
  • 6,000 Membership Cards

Red Hulk Edit

  • 495 Shards

Episode 3 Edit

America Chavez Edit

  • 3 Chitauri Intel (from Proxima Midnight)
  • 5 Sharks (from Plush Shark)
  • 20 Bubblegum (from Mission Board)
  • 3,000 Membership Cards

Chitauri Soldier Edit

  • 7 Chitauri Intel (from Proxima Midnight)
  • 7 Universal Translators (from Spirit of Xandar)
  • 54 Chitauri Cybernetics (from Mission Board)
  • 6,000 Membership Cards

Crimson Dynamo Edit

  • 895 Shards

Grand Prize Edit

Captain Marvel Edit

  • Available to invite during Episode 1
  • 1 Yellow Astronaut Helmet (from Chitauri Warrior)
  • 1 Purple Astronaut Helmet (from Chitauri Boss)
  • 1 Red Astronaut Helmet (from Proxima Midnight)
  • 6,000 Membership Cards

Newscaster Supreme Edit

  • 15 Notepads (from Proxima Midnight)
  • 12 Microphones (from Black Order Headquarters)
  • 51 Ear Pieces (from Mission Board)
  • 4,000 Membership Cards


Episode 1Edit

Destroyer Pepper Potts Edit

  • 55 Destroyer Helmets (from Chitauri Warrior)
  • 5,000 Membership Cards

Huntress Angela Edit

  • 36 Blades of Icor (from Chitauri Warrior)

Episode 2Edit

Classic Captain Marvel Edit

  • Obtained from Classic Captain’s Crate
    • 75 Shards per Crate

Healer Singularity Edit

  • 55 Blueberries (from Chitauri Boss)

Episode 3Edit

Asgard's Assassin Angela Edit

  • 55 Angelic Helmets (from Proxima Midnight)
  • 20,000 Membership Cards

Knight America Chavez Edit

  • 36 Red Hoodies (from Proxima Midnight)

Lady Loki Edit

  • 245 Shards

Crates Edit

Classic Captain's Crate Edit

  • Cost: 75 Shards per Crate
  • Prizes: Classic Captain Marvel, Black Quadrant, 100 Shards, 3,000 Membership Cards, 5,000 Membership Cards, 3 A.I.M. Intel, 3 Iron Legion Intel, 3 Chitauri Intel, 6 Anti-Static Devices, 9 Anti-Static Devices, 5 Hive-Mind Disruptors, 8 Hive-Mind Disruptors, 5 Ultimate Nullifiers, 4 Phasers, 12 Small Health Packs, 5 Medium Health Packs, 3 Large Health Packs, 4 Yellow Combat Skills, 6 Yellow Combat Skills, 4 Red Combat Skills, 6 Red Combat Skills, 4 Purple Combat Skills, 6 Purple Combat Skills, 20 Henchmen Rulebooks, 8 Training Software, 4,000 Credits, and 8,000 Credits

Magnificent Minion Crate Edit

  • Cost: 55 Membership Cards per Crate
  • Prizes: A.I.M. Intel, 2 A.I.M. Intel, Iron Legion Intel, 2 Iron Legion Intel, 1,000 Credits, Small Health Pack, 2 Small Health Packs, 2 Phasers, 4 Anti-Static Devices, 4 Hive-Mind Disruptors, 3 Chitauri Cybernetics, 10 Henchmen Rulebooks, 2 Training Software, 2 Mind Control Inhibitors, 5 Shards, 500 Membership Cards, Yellow Combat Skill, Yellow Combat Skill, Red Combat Skill, Red Combat Skill, Purple Combat Skill, Purple Combat Skill, 3 A-Force Tokens and 6 A-Force Tokens

Event Buildings Edit

Henchmen Headquarters Edit

  • Cost: 150 Membership Cards
  • Info: If you can't beat 'em, build a secret fortress in their bushes.
  • Effect: Train A.I.M. Agents, Iron Legion Prototypes, and Chitauri
  • Size: 2 x 2 (4) plots

Event Generators Edit

The Black Quadrant Edit

  • Cost: 295 Shards
  • Info: This collection of planets and moons owned by Thanos generates more Membership Cards!
  • Effect: Drops 800 Membership Cards every day
  • Size: 2 x 2 (4) plots

A.I.M. Space Station Edit

  • Cost: 445 Shards
  • Info: This animated interstellar headquarters is the ultimate source for A.I.M. Intel!
  • Effect: Drops 4 A.I.M. Intel every day
  • Size: 2 x 2 (4) plots

Perfection Edit

  • Cost: 395 Shards
  • Info: This robotic domain is the ultimate source for Iron Legion Intel!
  • Effect: Drops 4 Iron Legion Intel every day
  • Size: 2 x 2 (4) plots

Chitauri Leviathan Edit

  • Cost: 345 Shards
  • Info: This intergalactic beast is the ultimate source for Chitauri Intel!
  • Effect: Drops 6 Chitauri Intel every day
  • Size: ? x ? (?) plots

Event Decorations Edit

Heven's Penguin Edit

  • Cost: 3 Angelfish, 500 Membership Cards
  • Info: The greatest penguin warrior in all the Ten Realms.
  • Effect: Drops 6 Halos per day
  • Size: 1 x 1 (1) plot

A.I.M. 3D Chess Edit

  • Cost: 6 Sci-Fi Posters, 1,000 Membership Cards
  • Info: A deeper, more subtle, and far nerdier variation on the classic.
  • Effect: Drops 6 Chess Pieces per day
  • Size: 1 x 2 (2) plots

Wormhole Model Edit

  • Cost: 3 Star Portals, 1,500 Membership Cards
  • Info: A.I.M. Scientists complain about its inaccuracy. They complain about everything.
  • Effect: Drops 1 Bunny every 4 hours
  • Size: 2 x 1 (2) plots

Ultron Flag Edit

  • Cost: 6 Ultron Pennants, 2,000 Membership Cards
  • Info: The Iron Legion Robot keeps this around to remind himself of where he came from.
  • Effect: Drops 1 Stark Chip every 5 hours
  • Size: 1 x 1 (1) plot

Plush Shark Edit

  • Cost: 3 Carnival Tickets, 2,500 Membership Cards
  • Info: This shark doesn't do as much damage when you throw it at someone, but it's so much more snuggly.
  • Effect: Drops 6 Sharks every day
  • Size: 2 x 1 (2) plots

Spirit of Xandar Edit

  • Cost: 6 Moisturizers, 3,000 Membership Cards
  • Info: Access the wisdom and power of the Nova Corps!
  • Effect: Drops 4 Universal Translators every day
  • Size: 1 x 1 (1) plot

Bonus Prizes Edit

Savage Sword of She-Hulk Edit

  • Cost: 30 A.I.M. Intel, 5,000 Membership Cards
  • Info: A savage souvenir from Svartalfheim.
  • Size: 2 x 1 (2) plots

Harrison Edit

  • Cost: 10 A.I.M. Intel, 30 Iron Legion Intel, 8,000 Membership Cards
  • Info: Of course the boss of space has an awesome ship.
  • Size: 2 x 3 (6) plots

Bonus Decorations Edit

Bonus Challenges Edit

Awesome A-Force Challenge Edit

Collect all three outfits to earn the Heroic Henchman Monument!

  • Destroyer Pepper Potts
  • Classic Captain Marvel
  • Asgard's Assassin Angela

Trivia Edit

  • This event included original in-game characters.

Gallery Edit

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