Remember Your Mission pt1

Remember Your Mission, pt., 1 is an Event Quest in the limited-time Civil War Event. Black Panther is worried that he's losing sight of his duty to Wakanda.


Upgrade Black Panther! (Rank 2)

  • 20 Vibranium Daggers
  • 20 Hydra Intel
  • 9,102 Vibranium
Character Action Time Location
Black Panther Craft New Designs 3m Stark Tower (holo display)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Black Panther: I've been so distracted with Hydra and the Academy's rival factions that I've lost sight of my goal to continue my work for the betterment of Wakanda.
War Machine: Yeah, that's why I don't always spend a lot of time around here. Tony's my guy, but him and distractions just go together.
Black Panther: I feel like he's more interested in besting Captain America than he is in defeating Hydra...
War Machine: Yup. Welcome to Team Tony.
Iron Man: Do you have access to enough Vibranium to make it the base alloy for the whole Iron Legion?
Black Panther: I don't think it's a good idea to make an army of indestructible robots...
Iron Man: Why does everybody always say that?
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