The Quad is a Building. It is available at Level 1. It begins as your typical campus, despite being largely covered in timefog, and your space and items increase as you reveal more areas. This Quad page also covers the campus as a whole.

Requirements Edit


Action Areas Edit

The Quad has various few action areas.

  • Bench - the bench beside the Mission Board. Characters sit here for the duration of their animation. One character allowed at a time.
  • Center - the center of the quad where the S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem is. One character allowed at a time.
  • Flying - characters run to the center of the Quad, then take off into the air. They typically start flying around above campus. No limit on characters. (*)
  • Lower Left - the lower left side of the Quad. Characters stand in place to do their animation. One character allowed at a time.
  • Lower Right - the side of the Quad closest to the viewer. One character allowed at a time.
  • Off Campus - the area outside the walls of the campus. Currently this location is unique to Ant-Man. No limit on characters.
  • Upper Right - the upper right side of the Quad. Characters stand in place to do their animation. One character allowed at a time.
  • Paths - characters walk on the paths around campus. Action Area listed as "Paths". No limit on characters.

Interactions Edit

The Quad is a popular place for interaction, and has an action for almost every student.

A-Bomb Edit

  • Gimme Five! - 3h, Lower Left
  • Roll Out! - 30m, Paths

Agent 13 Edit

  • Avoid Detection - 30m, Paths

America Chavez Edit

  • Kick into Dimensions - 8h, Paths

The Ancient One Edit

  • Be Ethereal - 4h, Paths

Ant-Man Edit

  • Protect the Academy! - 30m (Requires Giant-Man Ant-Man outfit)
  • Visit Friends - 1m, Paths
  • Watch Your Step - 30m, Paths (Requires Giant-Man Ant-Man outfit)

Black Cat Edit

  • Cross Her Path - 4h, Lower Left (Requires a male student)

Black Knight Edit

  • Gallop Onward! - 15m, Paths

Black Panther Edit

  • Practice Martial Arts - 30m, Lower Right (Requires another student)
  • Prepare for Battle - 30m, Lower Right (Requires Falcon)

Black Widow Edit

  • Activate Stealth Mode - 5h, Paths (Requires Black Cat Black Widow outfit)
  • Activate Stealth Mode - 8h, Paths (Requires Iron Widow outfit)
  • Do Symbiote Gymnastics! - 2h, Paths (Requires Symbiote Black Widow outfit)
  • Loom Large - 8h, Flying (Requires Cthulhu Black Widow outfit) (*)
  • Ride the Light - 1h 30m, Center (Requires Cutting Edge Widow outfit)
  • Scan the Campus - 5h, Flying (Requires Iron Widow outfit)
  • Search For Clues - 1m, Paths
  • Take Secret Passages - 8h, Paths (Requires Super Spy Widow outfit)

Captain America Edit

  • Bang Your Head - 5h, Upper Right (Requires Heavy Metal Captain America outfit)
  • Call Reinforcements - 3m (Requires Gladiator Captain America outfit)
  • Parachute In - 4h, Upper Right (Requires WWII Captain America outfit)
  • Ride Like a Ravager - 15m (Requires Ravager Captain America outfit)
  • Use Your New Shield - 1m, Paths (Requires Commander America outfit)

Captain Britain Edit

  • Represent Great Britain! - 2h, Flying

Captain Marvel Edit

  • Make an Impact - 8h, Paths

Crimson Dynamo Edit

  • Keep Eyes on Tony - 4h, Paths (Requires Iron Man)

Daredevil Edit

  • Defend Yourself - 15m, Paths

Doctor Strange Edit

  • Zip Around - 2h, Paths

Doctor Voodoo Edit

  • Escape the Devourer - 4h, Paths

Dracula Edit

  • Batnado - 5h, Paths

Electro Edit

  • Ride the Lightning! - 2h, Paths

Enchantress Edit

  • Be Queen of the Sea - 15m, Paths (Requires Mermaid Enchantress outfit)
  • Bounce Back - 4h, Lower Right (Requires Iron Enchantress outfit)
  • Cast Spells - 1m, Paths
  • Hypnotize Iron Man - 2h, Lower Left (Requires Iron Man)
  • Judge Everyone - 3m, Bench
  • Take Flight - 5m, Flying (Requires Wicked Witch Enchantress outfit)

Falcon Edit

  • Activate RoboPack - 1m Flying (Requires Robo Falcon outfit)
  • American Falcon - 15m, Flying (Requires Captain America Falcon outfit)
  • Blast Off - 1m, Flying
  • Become the Serpent - 2h, Lower Left (Requires a male student, and the Serpent Crown Falcon outfit)
  • Experience Zero-G - 15m, Paths (Requires Astronaut Falcon outfit)
  • Get Good with the Shield - 30m, Flying (Requires Captain America Falcon outfit)
  • Slip and Slide! - 1h 45m, Paths (Requires Penguin Falcon outfit)

Gamora Edit

  • Stay Sharp - 3m, Bench

Groot Edit

  • Call Down the Fire -15m, (Requires Thor Groot outfit)
  • Trees Can Fly - 15m, Flying (Requires Thor Groot outfit)

Hulk Edit

  • BE CALM! - 45m, Lower Left
  • GET DATA - 3m 20s, Paths (Requires Mad Scientist Hulk)

Iron Man Edit

  • Get Some Fresh Air - 1m, Flying (*)
  • Fix the Galaxy - 4h (Requires Godkiller Iron Man outfit) (*)
  • Look Down On People - 6h, Flying (Requires Superior Iron Man outfit) (*)
  • Make a Splash - 15m, Upper Right (Requires Hydro Armor Iron Man outfit)
  • Make an Entrance - 30m, Flying (Requires Capbuster Iron Man outfit)
  • Release The Hound! - 4m (Requires Labrador Iron Man outfit)
  • Sort Out Your Hat - 1h 30m, Paths (Requires Tech Wizard Iron Man outfit)
  • Test Your Toys - 7h, Paths (Requires Business Time Tony outfit)
  • Test Yourself - 2h (Requires Godkiller Iron Man outfit) (*)

The Lizard Edit

  • Embraccce Lizardnesss - 2h, 30m, Paths

Loki Edit

  • Be Very, Very Quiet - 2h, Paths (Requires Big Game Hunter Loki outfit)
  • Brandish Frost Magic - 3h, Paths (Requires Frost Giant Loki outfit)
  • Create a Cataclysm - 6h (Requires Cat Loki outfit)
  • Get Revenge - 6h, Paths (Requires Frost Giant Loki outfit)
  • Ride the Serpent! - 3h, (Requires Immortal Sorcerer Loki outfit)
  • Ruin Reputation - 2h, Paths (Requires Lawyer Loki outfit)
  • Shock and Awe! - 3m 20s, Paths (Requires Thunder Loki outfit)
  • Strut - 5h, Paths (Requires Winter Loki outfit)
  • Wield Sorcery - 1m, Paths

Lucky Edit

  • Walk! - 6h, Paths (Requires a male student)

Mary Jane Edit

  • Walk the Carpet - 1h, Lower Right
  • Stretch Your Legs - 2h, Paths

Miles Morales Edit

  • Spider-Sense! - 1h, Paths

Mockingbird Edit

  • Ride Sky-Cycles! - 2h, Flying (Requires a male student) (*)

M.O.D.O.K. Edit

  • Engage In Romance - 2h, Bench (Requires Wasp)

Moon Girl Edit

  • Test Skates! - 2h, Paths

Ms. Marvel Edit

  • Take Super Selfies! - 1m, Paths

Mysterio Edit

  • Avert Your Eyes! - 2m, Lower Right
  • Now You See Me! - 1h 15m, Paths

Nico Minoru Edit

  • Admire the View - 6h, Flying (*)

Odin Edit

  • Odinforce - 15m, Flying

Orrgo Edit

  • Walk a Rock! - 2h, Paths

Pepper Potts Edit

  • Review Reports - 2m, Paths (Requires Arctic Armor outfit)

Quake Edit

  • Find Some Privacy - 45m, Lower Left
  • Rock On! - 30m, Lower Left

Red Hulk Edit

  • Ground Pound - 3h, Lower Left

Satana Edit

  • Enjoy the Chase - 2h, Paths (Requires Iron Man)

She-Hulk Edit

  • Do Legwork - 5h, Paths (Requires another student)
  • Give Hulk a Ride - 5h, Paths (Requires Hulk)

Spider-Gwen Edit

  • Lift-off- 30m, Requires Gwenom outfit and Iron Man

Spider-Man Edit

  • Test the Waters - 30m, Lower Right

Spider-Man 2099 Edit

  • Travel Through Time - 2h, Lower Right

Spider-Woman Edit

  • Scout the Perimeter - 1m (Requires Rogue Spider-Woman outfit)

Star-Lord Edit

  • Go For A Stroll - 3m, Paths

Tigra Edit

  • Make it Work - 3h, Paths
  • Take A Cat Nap - 3h, Bench

Thor Edit

  • Call Down The Thunder! - 2h, Upper Right
  • Demolish Frost Giants - 3h, Paths
  • Reach Great Heights! - 2m, Upper Right

Union Jack Edit

  • Test Jetpacks - 30m, Paths

Venom Edit

  • Walk It Off - 1h, Paths

Vision Edit

  • Alter Density - 30m, Paths

War Machine Edit

  • Get Some Air - 30m, Flying

Wasp Edit

  • Armored Entrance - 4h, Lower Right (Requires Iron Wasp outfit
  • Create a Buzz - 3m, Flying
  • Get the Scoop! - 4h, Flying (Requires Reporter Wasp outfit)
  • Keep Looking - 3h, Flying
  • Old School - 3h, Bench (Requires Original Wasp outfit)
  • Say No To Gravity! - 5h, Paths (Requires Retro-Futuristic Wasp outfit)
  • Take Selfies - 1m, Paths
  • Test Your Legs! - 3m 20s, Paths (Requires Pirate Wasp outfit)
  • Text Everybody - 45m, Paths
  • Walk The Red Carpet - 8h, Lower right (Requires High Fashion Wasp outfit)

Winter Soldier Edit

  • Bare Your Soul - 30m, Upper Right
  • Show Off Your Arm - 1m, Lower Right

Wonder Man Edit

  • Lights! Camera! Action! - 1m, Paths

Yondu Edit

  • Dig for Treasure - 3m, Paths

Timefog Zones Edit

As you remove timefog from your campus, more spaces open up to you.

  • Classified Zone - The first Zone to be unlocked, in Let's Call It Timefog. Contains Generic Debris.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Zone - The second Zone to be unlocked, in Hydra's Revenge!, Pt. 3. Contains debris related to S.H.I.E.L.D., including the repairable S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q. and S.H.I.E.L.D. Sign.
  • War Zone - The third Zone to be unlocked, in Cap's S.H.I.E.L.D., Pt. 3. Contains debris related to Captain America, including the repairable Hydra Tank (drops Captain America's Shield) and Cap's WWII Motorcycle.
  • Asgardian Zone - The fourth Zone to be unlocked, in Clear The Air. Contains debris related to Asgard and the Chitauri, including the repairable Bifrost and Asgardian Statue.
  • Gamma Zone - The fifth Zone to be unlocked, in The Strongest There Is, Pt. 2 or Gamma Time. Contains Hulk and debris related to Hulk and Gamma Radiation.
  • Makluan Zone - Currently Locked Zone. Contains Fin Fang Foom and debris related to ???
  • Thunder Zone - Currently Locked Zone. Contains Thor and debris related to Thor and the Frost Giants.

Trivia Edit

  • The Flying Action Area has some exceptions to the unlimited characters rule. The following actions conflict with each other:
    1. Iron Man's action "Get some Fresh Air", Godkiller Iron Man's "Fix the Galaxy", Superior Iron Man's "Look Down On People", Nico Minoru's "Admire the View", and Cthulhu Black Widow's "Loom Large"
    2. Godkiller Iron Man's action "Test Yourself" and Mockingbird's "Ride Sky-Cycles!"

Gallery Edit

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