Proxima Midnight is the primary antagonist of the Return of A-Force Special Event. During the event, she sent Chitauri to battle the students. She's a subordinate to Thanos, and a part of the Black Order. She wields a spear that contains the power of the sun caught in a loop.

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She has blue skin, blue eyes, and long blue hair.

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Proxima Midnight attended the Cosmic Conservatory before she joined Thanos.

Return of A-Force Special Event Edit

Thanos sent Proxima Midnight to Avengers Academy ahead of his arrival to kill all the Avengers. Her plan was to free all the imprisoned villains, and raid the Academy's underground vaults.

When the Avengers defeated her, Mephisto made arrangements to make sure she wouldn't be imprisoned in a cell.

Marvel Rising Event Edit

Proxima Midnight invaded Midgard with her army of Outriders. She used her powerful spear to force them to fight for her.

Ms. Marvel, Inferno, and Squirrel Girl distracted Proxima while Speed grabbed the spear. Patriot and Spider-Gwen protected him from the air, until Patriot gave the retreat order. Lockjaw teleported them all back to Avengers Academy, and America Chavez sent the spear into the Multiverse. The team successfully stopped Proxima from restarting the Infinity War.

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Iron Legion Robot Edit

Iron Legion Robot hacked Proxima Midnight's ship and tells her that the Avengers now know everything about Thanos' plan, including details that she doesn't know herself.

Mephisto Edit

Mephisto made arrangements to help Proxima Midnight avoid imprisonment in a cell.

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