Project Echelon, pt. 3

Project Echelon, pt. 3 is an Event Quest and part of the Return of A-Force Special Event.


Upgrade Red She-Hulk! (Rank 5)

  • 10 A.I.M. Intel, 10 Iron Legion Intel, 10 Chitauri Intel, 4,000 Membership Cards
Character Action Time Location
Red She-Hulk Change the Future 5m Stark Tower

Quest Dialogue Edit

Red She-Hulk: I'm going to lure General Fortean and his Echelon super soldiers to the Nexus of All Realities. We're gonna find the theoretical future I saw, throw him in, and shut the door. You in?
Captain Marvel: We change the future.
America Chavez: This future will involve a lot of punching.
Man-Thing: Mrphtb!
Red She-Hulk: Okay, troops. Roll out!
Red She-Hulk: We smashed General Fortean into the universe he deserves. If superhumans take over the world, they won't do it because of Project Echelon.
She-Hulk: Did you figure out the problem with your timeline?
Red She-Hulk: No, but I've decided not to care. I'm cool with being super strong, and having an advanced understanding of cellular biology.
She-Hulk: Also, now you don't have any student loans!
Red She-Hulk: The corporate educational complex can suck it.
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