Original Spider-Woman!

Original Spider-Woman! is an Event Quest and part of the Jessica Jones Special Event. It unlocks the Original Spider-Woman outfit for Spider-Woman.

Requirements Edit

Get Original Spider-Woman!

  • 100 Hydra Intel

Quest Dialogue Edit

Original Wasp: The whole gritty private investigator thing's got me super nostalgic! We're going retro!
Original Spider-Woman: I haven't worn this in years. How did you even find it?
Original Wasp: Creating improved replica Super Hero outfits is my real super power.
Original Spider-Woman: Now get ready for a throwback thursday photo-op!
Original Spider-Woman: Wasp persuaded you to wear your old costume too, huh?
Jessica Jones: She was talking, and suddenly I felt the overpowering need for a throwback. She's a witch.
Original Spider-Woman: I didn't really need persuading. I love how I look in red.
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