One Thing At a Time, Pt. 2

One Thing at a Time, Pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the Spider-Man Event.

Requirements Edit

  • Upgrade Spider-Man 2099! (Rank 3)
    • 30 Speed Symbiote Samples
    • 30 Power Symbiote Samples
    • 15 Toxic Symbiote Samples
    • 2,673 Klyntarite
Character Action Time Location
Spider-Man 2099 Experiment with Genetics 5hr Pym's Lab (chemical station)
Spider-Man 2099 Run Symbiote Tests 1hr Stark Tower (J.A.R.V.I.S.)
Hank Pym: Miguel O'Hara! Spider-Man from the year 2099! Crimefighter, social advocate, and supremely gifted genetecist! Welcome to the past!
Spider-Man 2099: Thank you. I'm here to help...
Hank Pym: Amazing! Tony Stark tells me you're questioning the sanity of super-scientific megacorporations!
Spider-Man 2099: I've just seen the damage they can do...
Hank Pym: So have I! It's time to see what kind of damage we can do to them!
Hank Pym: You will survive this Symbiote attack, Spider-Man 2099. You will return home, and you will use what we made to put an end to the Alchemax corporation.
Spider-Man 2099: Thank you. It will mean a lot to the people of Nueva York.
Hank Pym: My pleasure. It's one of my favorite cities to visit.
Spider-Man 2099: It doesn't exist in this time...
Hank Pym: Neither do you. But here we are.
Spider-Man 2099: Are you saying you also travel through time?
Hank Pym: You shouldn't listen to anything I say. I'm obviously just a crazy old super-scientist...
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