"Long live the King."
General of the Dora Milaje, Okoye is a character you could first recruit to your academy during the Black Panther Event. Her Recruitment Quest is Get Okoye! Her Mission Board Quests can be found here.

Requirements Edit

Black Panther Event Edit

10 Okoye Shards

  • Level 6 to start the event
  • 1,120 Dora Milaje Spears for 80 Okoye Shards

Upgrades Edit

Each time Okoye is upgraded, her Power Level increases.

Rank Title Cost Mission
2 500 Credits, 10 Tech Parts The Royal Guard, pt. 3
3 1,000 Credits, 25 Tech Parts The New Dora Milaje, pt. 2
4 5,000 Credits, 50 Tech Parts Step Into the Spotlight, pt. 1
5 20,000 Credits, 100 Tech Parts Step Into the Spotlight, pt. 3

Combat Attributes Edit

Tech Support
Skills Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6
Basic Attack Dora Milaje Training 100% basic attack damage +7% damage +9% +11% +13% +15%
Special Attack Wakanda Forever! 220% attack damage on single enemy. Replaces every 3rd basic attack. +11% damage +22% +33% +55% +88%
Ultimate 1 Wakandan Reinforcements 19% critical chance buff on all allies for 1 turn. +2% damage +4% +8% +11% +19%
Passive Closing Ranks 8.5% HP buff and 8.5% attack buff on front row allies. +0.5% HP & +0.9% attack +1.5% & 1.7% +3.5% & 3.4% +5.3% & +5.1% +8.5% & 8.5%
Ultimate 2 General's Call 99% damage on 3 random enemies with a 8% evasion buff on all allies for 3 turns. +10% damage & +2% buff +20% & +3% +35% & +5% +60% & +8% +80% & +12%

Appearance Edit

Okoye's Rank 1 outfit is a cropped red jacket over an orange midriff shirt with a long red and yellow skirt. She also wears a gold neck ring.

Okoye's Rank 3 outfit is a long-sleeved red and orange midriff shirt with gold armor. She wears a red, yellow, and brown skirt with knee-length dark blue boots.

Okoye's Rank 5 outfit is her full red and orange Dora Milaje uniform with gold armor. She wears knee-length blue boots and Kimoyo beads on each wrist.

Story Edit

Okoye is a general and the leader of the Dora Milaje, the bodyguards for the Wakandan royal family and defender of the people of Wakanda. She left Wakanda and joined Avengers Academy in order to protect Black Panther.

Determined to protect Wakanda, Okoye petitioned Black Panther to expand the Dora Milaje. With his endorsement, she began searching the United States for women with Wakandan heritage. Okoye's search led her to a woman in Chicago that's unaware of her heritage. She told the woman about her heritage, that her grandmother was part of the Dora Milaje, and that her true name is Ce'Athauna.

While in Chicago, Okoye found a man fighting crime and using the 'Black Panther' moniker. Okoye and Valkyrie went back to Chicago to determine the man's intentions, and while questioning him, he mentioned Wakanda's secret Heart-Shaped Herb. Concerned the herb was smuggled out of Wakanda and being cultivated by an unknown source, Okoye asked Director Fury to share his intelligence on plant smuggling. With his intel, Okoye identified a Wakandan botanist operating in Chicago and creating a synthetic version of the Heart-Shaped Herb. She then teamed up with Valkyrie and Falcon to confront the botanist and extradite them back to Wakanda.

Character Relationships Edit

Black Panther Edit

Okoye is very loyal to Black Panther and the leader of his bodyguards, the Dora Milaje. She joined the Avengers Academy to protect him.

Falcon Edit

Falcon gave Okoye permission to train his penguins as bodyguards. Falcon questioned why Okoye told him about one of Wakanda's most precious secrets, the Heart-Shaped Herb, and Okoye said the Avengers had proven themselves trustworthy.

Nick Fury Edit

Convinced that Wakanda's national security helped stabilize the rest of the world's security, Director Fury shared his intelligence on plant smuggling with Okoye to investigate the culprit responsible for smuggling the Heart-Shaped Herb outside of Wakanda.

Pepper Potts Edit

Pepper Potts admires the Dora Milaje's focus and discipline so much she asked Okoye if she could join. Okoye refused her.

Soundbites Edit

Okoye is voiced by Bindy Coda.

  • "Don't!"
  • "Don't freeze."
  • "Don't mess with the Dora Milaje!"
  • "For Wakanda!"
  • "Guns. So primitive."
  • "I do not answer to you."
  • "I will do my duty."
  • "It is time to step into the light."
  • "Let's go home."
  • "Long live the King."
  • "Move!"
  • "The Black Panther lives."
  • "This won't be a fair fight."
  • "Wakanda forever!"
  • "Yes."

Actions Edit

Icon Name Time Location Rank Notes
Action icons black panther okoye fight for wakanda@2x
Guard Your King 30m Avengers Hall 1 Requires a male student
Action icons black panther okoye train young warriors@2x
Train Young Warriors 40m Wakandan Control Center 1
Mar action running@4x
Train for a Marathon 45m Avengers Stadium (track) 5
Action icons black panther okoye guard your king@2x
Fight For Wakanda 1h The Robo Dojo 1
Mar action dances at lounge large v2@4x
Go Undercover 1h Club A (dance floor) 2
Mar action use stark initiative large v2@4x
Relax 1h 30m Stark Tower (Stark Initiative) 2
Mar action talk to Jarvis large v2@4x
Run Background Checks 1h 45m Stark Tower (J.A.R.V.I.S.) 3
Mar action falcon punch- large v2@4x
Defend National Security 2h Avengers Dorm (punching bag) 4
Mar action talk to Jarvis large v2@4x
Locate Worthy Candidates 2h Stark Tower (J.A.R.V.I.S.) 2
Holo Display Icon
Shake the World 2h Stark Tower (holo display) 3
Mar action night out v3@4x
Protect Wakanda's Legacy 3h Quinjet Hangar (quinjet) 4
Mar action hidden shield large v2@4x
Be the Secret Service 5h S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q. (inside) 5

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