Mistakes Were Made, pt. 2

Mistakes Were Made, pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the Legends Assemble Event.

Requirements Edit

Rank up Hank Pym! (Rank 4)

  • 5,000 Credits, 50 Science Chemicals
Character Action Time Location
Hank Pym That's Fascinating! 4m Stark Tower (inside)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Hank Pym: I'd like to connect every Arc Reactor in Stark Tower to my most powerful portal to create a space-time continuum black hole capable of sucking every time and universe displaced being into a secured pocket dimension of our own design!
Iron Man: That's science!
Iron Man: I can't believe our space-time continuum black hole worked on the first try! I thought it had apocalypse written all over it for sure.
Hank Pym: You did amazing work! We were able to capture every alternate being in the vicinity, while filtering out our friends and allies!
Iron Man: The only problem is that it's gigantic. I had to move three cheese fridges, and Jarvis's old airplane just to fit it in the basement. How will you catch the rest of the evil alternate super-scientists?
Hank Pym: I could use Pym Particles to make it smaller, but that's just a temporary fix. We need to be in multiple locations at once. We need a team. A super-science team...
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