"With great power comes great responsibility. What would Peter Parker do?"

—Miles Morales

Inspired by Peter Parker's legacy the Ultimate Spider-Man, civilian name Miles Morales, is a Premium Character you could first recruit to your academy during the Spider-Man Event. His Introductory Quest was The Ultimate Hero! His Mission Board Quests can be found here.

Requirements Edit

Spider-Man Event Edit

  • Level 6 to start the event
  • 495 Shards

Spider-Man Homecoming Event Edit

  • Upgrade Horizon Labs to Rank 3
  • Defeat Vulture streak 7 to unlock Reality Heroic battles 3
  • Get 24 stars from Reality Heroic battles 3

Upgrades Edit

Each time Miles Morales is upgraded, his Power Level increases.

  • Avengers Academy 2.0:
Rank Title Cost Mission
2 Young Hero 500 Credits, 10 Science Chemicals Test Your Skills, Pt. 3
3 Spider-Man 1,000 Credits, 25 Science Chemicals Make Yourself at Home, Pt. 2
4 Kid Arachnid 5,000 Credits, 50 Science Chemicals Joyride
5 Ultimate Spider-Man 20,000 Credits, 100 Science Chemicals Destined for Greatness, Pt. 2
  • Avengers Academy 1.0:
Rank Spider-Man Event Post Event
2 5 Power Symbiote Samples, 5 Toxic Symbiote Samples, 4 Asopao, 8 Earth-1610 Intels, 1,909 Klyntarites 48,733 Credits
3 7 Speed Symbiote Samples, 7 Toxic Symbiote Samples, 6 Asopao, 10 Earth-1610 Intels, 3,036 Klyntarites 53,794 Credits
4 9 Speed Symbiote Samples, 9 Power Symbiote Samples, 8 Asopao, 12 Earth-1610 Intels, 3,971 Klyntarites 59,263 Credits
5 11 Power Symbiote Samples, 11 Toxic Symbiote Samples, 10 Asopao, 14 Earth-1610 Intels, 4,878 Klyntarites 107,676 Credits

Combat Attributes Edit

Type Class Basic Attack Special Attack Ultimate 1 Passive Ultimate 2

Appearance Edit

Facial Appearance Edit

Miles has dark skin, brown hair, and brown eyes.

Rank Appearance Edit

Miles Morales' Rank 1 outfit is a black and red hoodie with a spider web design, gray jeans, and red shoes.

Miles Morales' Rank 3 outfit is a black, grey, and red sweater with the Ultimate Spider-Man symbol and gray jeans. He wears red shoes, red gloves, and a black and red mask over his eyes.

Miles Morales' Rank 5 outfit is his Ultimate Spider-Man suit.

Character Relationships Edit

Loki Edit

Loki's nickname for Miles Morales is "Mikey Marshmallow".

Ms. Marvel Edit

Miles and Kamala are friends. They stole a Quinjet to hunt down Symbiotes together, and discovered they made a great team.

Spider-Man Edit

Miles looks up to Peter because in Miles' universe Peter Parker is deceased.

Soundbites Edit

Miles Morales is voiced by Brandon Winckler.

  • "Am I the only one with a curfew?"
  • "Hmm, what would Peter Parker do?"
  • "I thought my universe was weird..."
  • "I wish my universe had a superhero school."
  • "I'm here to help!"
  • "Just call me Spider-Man."
  • "Maybe I need more practice."
  • "Where do you go to get a burger around here?"
  • "Where's the phone? I have to check in with my mom."
  • "That's insanely awesome!"
  • "This is gonna be cool!"
  • "You can call me 'Ultimate,' I'm okay with that."
  • "You have to let me save you.
  • "You look familiar... Do we know each other?"

Actions Edit

Icon Name Time Location Rank Notes
Mar action night out v3@4x
Fly a Quinjet?! 1h The Quinjet Hangar (quinjet) 4
Action Spider-Sense
Spider-Sense! 1h Quad (paths) 1
Mar action study large v2@4x
Study for Class 1h The Timeless Archives (book) 3
Action Take a Break
Take a Break 1h Avengers Park (fountain) 1
Action Test Venom Blast
Test Venom Blast 1h Avengers Park (front) 2 Requires Spider-Man
Holo Display Icon
Practice Inventing 1h 15m Stark Tower (holo display) 1
Mar action use computer large v2@4x
Email Mom 4h The Timeless Archives (computer) 3
Mar action dances at lounge large v2@4x
Join the Party 4h Club A (dance floor) 3
Mar action search for clues v3@4x
Plan Your Next Move 4h Avengers Dorm (right chair) 1
Mar action falcon punch- large v2@4x
Practice Combat Skills 6h Avengers Dorm (punching bag) 2
Mar action hidden shield large v2@4x
Accept Your Destiny 8h S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q. (inside) 5

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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