Make Yourself at Home, Pt. 2

Make Yourself at Home, Pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the Spider-Man Event.

Requirement Edit

  • Upgrade Miles Morales! (Rank 3)
    • 7 Speed Symbiote Samples
    • 7 Toxic Symbiote Samples
    • 6 Asopao
    • 10 Earth-1610 Intels
    • 3,036 Klyntarites
Character Action Time Location
Miles Morales Join the Party 4hr Club A (dance floor)
Loki Master The Dance Floor 2hr Club A (dance floor)
Loki: Join me in my place of power, Mikey Marshmallow. I'll reveal the fate of your universe.
Miles Morales: Your place of power is some secret ruins or something?
Loki: The dance floor.
Miles Morales: Oh. I guess I don't know that much about magic...
Miles Morales: That can't be right. My world can't end like that...
Loki: My visions never lie, Mikey Marshmallow. Actually, to be honest for a moment, they lie quite frequently, but this one is indeed genuine.
Miles Morales: How do I stop my universe from being destroyed?
Loki: By destroying everyone in this universe...
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