Maestro, a far-future Hulk from another universe, is the primary antagonist in the Multiverse Special Event. He utilizes both Bruce Banner’s incredible intelligence and the Green Goliath’s nastier qualities to rule with an iron fist.

Hungry for power, he’s taken to conquering various alternate Earths throughout the multiverse. The opportunity to prove his might against the combined power of Avengers Academy’s students and faculty, and a chance to fight Thanos at the same time became too hard to pass up.

During the event, he sent Thor Noir, Keeper Murdock, and Ghost Rider 2099 to battle the students.

Appearance Edit

Maestro has green skin, a white beard and mustache, and is balding with white hair. He wears purple pants, and gold gauntlets. He's decorated with the uniform items from Avengers he killed across other the multiverse.

Character Relationships Edit

Abomination Edit

Abomination admires Maestro as a legend in the evil Hulk community, and asks him for advice.

Ghost Rider 2099 Edit

Maestro convinces Ghost Rider 2099 to battle the Avengers Academy student by lying to him, saying they the students intend to eliminate everyone in the multiverse. Later, after Ghost Rider 2099 joins the Avengers Academy, he hacks into Maestro's files and discovers a large collection of cat videos.

Hulk Edit

Hulk's nickname for Maestro is "Santa Hulk."

Keeper Murdock Edit

Maestro pulled Keeper Murdock from his own hellish dimension, promising him that the Avengers Academy has an object that can help save his own dimension in exchange for his service.

Loki Edit

Loki's nickname for Maestro is "Micetoes."

Thor Noir Edit

Maestro convinces Thor Noir to be his enforcer by telling him lies that the Avengers Academy students are abusing their power.

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