International weapons smuggler, Klaw, civilian name Ulysses Klaue, is the main antagonist in the Black Panther Event. During the event, he convinced all of Wakanda's enemies to join forces and attack Wakanda and the Academy.

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Klaw worked with the Vulture to scavenge discarded Wakandan tech in order to craft new weapons. Vulture built Klaw a Sonic Converter cannon for his arm in exchange for a share of Wakanda's vibranium.

Eager to steal Wakanda's vibranium and technology, Klaw convinces the Black Panther's enemies to team up and attack Wakanda. He promised them a share of Wakanda's vibranium in return, but planned on double-crossing them and keeping it all for himself.

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Klaw has bushy mutton chops. He wears a red dress shirt under a black vest with purple backing, black pants, a purple belt, tie, and wristband. His left arm is a Sonic Converter. He has a red helmet on his head with a purple stripe that goes down the middle.

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Shuri Edit

Shuri asked Klaw to call off his war, promising to build him a new Sonic Converter arm in exchange. Klaw refused.

Vulture Edit

Klaw worked with the Vulture during the Black Panther Event. Vulture gave him his Sonic Converter arm in exchange for vibranium. After Klaw repeatedly failed to beat the Avengers even with the modifications, the Vulture broke off their deal.

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