Kinda Like Sisters

Kinda Like Sisters is an Event Quest and part of the Infinity War Event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Thane Take a Seat 4m Thanos' Headquarters

Quest Dialogue Edit

Nebula: You know, Thane, I know your father really well. He kinda raised me.
Thane: That's nice. I don't know my father at all. He abandoned me.
Nebula: And from the sound of it, you're completely over that, huh?
Thane: Are you over him not abandoning you?
Nebula: Touché.
Gamora: Your daddy really did a number on you.
Thane: What do you know about me? And you'd really call him MY daddy? I'd say he did a number on you.
Gamora: Unfortunately, we don't get to choose our parents. What's more important is who we choose to be once we're old enough to leave them...
Thane: You have helpful shrink tell you that gem?
Gamora: I prefer self-help books.
Thane: You would.
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