Purple Man, civilian name Zebediah Kilgrave, is the main antagonist in the Jessica Jones Special Event.

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Kilgrave took advantage of the chaos caused by Thanos' imminent arrival and used his mind-control powers to pit New York City's most powerful crime families against each other. He rapidly took control of every family in the Maggia crime syndicate: Silvermane, Nefaria, Hammerhead, Costa, and Nobili. He also took control of independent criminals like Bushmaster, Bullseye, The Hood, and outside organizations such as the Hand and Hydra.

He forced them to destroy one another, and assumed control of their resources and minions, quickly turning himself into the new kingpin of crime. This immediately put him in the crosshairs of not only the Defenders and the Avengers, but rival criminal masterminds like Madame Gao and Kingpin.

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Kilgrave briefly took control of the Hood during the Jessica Jones Special Event.

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Kilgrave unsuccessfully attempted to take control of Mephisto's mind. Mephisto offered Kilgrave a deal to work for him.

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