Joyride, Pt. 2

Joyride, Pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the Spider-Man Event.

Requirement Edit

  • Upgrade Miles Morales! (Rank 4)
    • 9 Speed Symbiote Samples
    • 9 Power Symbiote Samples
    • 8 Asopao
    • 12 Earth-1610 Intels
    • 3,971 Klyntarites
Character Action Time Location
Miles Morales Fly a Quinjet?! 1hr The Quinjet Hanger (Quinjet)
Ms. Marvel: We can use a Quinjet to fly around the world, and round up the rest of the escaped Symbiotes!
Miles Morales: Director Fury lets you use his Quinjets anytime you want?
Ms. Marvel: We're gonna steal one!
Miles Morales: I...can't do that.
Ms. Marvel: And then return it in perfect condition when we're done! I'll probably apologize even if we don't get caught!
Ms. Marvel: We make an awesome team!
Miles Morales: Yeah, that was great. Too bad I'm not staying, or we could work together all the time.
Ms. Marvel: You should stay!
Miles Morales: ...
Ms. Marvel: So we can make our own Avengers team...
Miles Morales: A new Avengers...
Ms. Marvel: Totally all-new and all-different Avengers!
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