"I love me some pumpkins!"

—Jack O'Lantern

Jack O'Lantern, civilian name Jason Macendale, is a character who you could recruit to your Academy during the Avengers Halloween Event. His Recruitment Quest is Get Jack O'Lantern! His mission board quests can be found here.


Avengers Halloween Event

  • Level 6 (to start Event)
  • Hangouts Grand Prize

Avengers Under Siege Event

  • Under Siege Crate
  • 10 Keys


Each time Jack O'Lantern is upgraded, he gives +10% on Mission Board Quests.

Avengers Halloween Event:

Rank Title Cost
2 ??? 28 Pumpkin Guts, 600 Candies
3 Headless Horseman 28 Pumpkin Guts, 800 Candies
4 ??? 28 Pumpkin Guts, 800 Candies
5 Spirit of Halloween 28 Pumpkin Guts, 800 Candies

Post Event:

Rank Title Cost
2 N/A 2,250 Credits
3 Headless Horseman ???
4 N/A ???
5 Spirit of Halloween ???


Jack O'Lantern's Rank 1 outfit is his farmer outfit.

Jack O'Lantern's Rank 3 outfit is his early outfit.

Jack O'Lantern's Rank 5 outfit is his Jack O' Lantern outfit.

Character Relationships


Jack O'Lantern is voiced by Matthew Curtis


Icon Name Time Location Rank Notes
Hit the Switch! 5m Pym's Lab
Pumpkin Punch! 5m Avengers Dorm
Go Boom! 1h 45m Pym's Lab
Drink It In! 2h Club A
Find Crime-Master! 2h Avengers Dorm
Hit Things Against Things! 2h Club A
What Would Pumpkins Do? 2h Avengers Dorm
Pumpkin Dance! 4h Club A
Be a Scarecrow! 5h Avengers Park
Carve 'Em Up! 5h The Robo Dojo
Whatch Pumpkin Videos! 6h The Timeless Archives
Visit the Great Pumpkin! 8h SHIELD H.Q.



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