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It's the End of the World is a Storyline Quest. It was the beginning of the Graduation Day storyline to wrap up the end of the Avengers Academy mobile game.


Character Action Time Location
Iron Man Tinker with Tech 1h Avengers Dorm (left chair)

Quest Dialogue[]

Hank Pym: I don't mean to alarm anyone, but I think the universe is collapsing.
Nick Fury: Pardon?
Hank Pym: The concentration of timelines and stories isn't sustainable. Haven't you ever wondered why we're constantly fighting bad guys? Why the universe is always in danger?
Nick Fury: It's always in danger.
Hank Pym: That's the problem. Our reality can't keep itself together anymore.
Nick Fury: I believe that's what the kids call... a big mood.
Dagger: Nice.
Nick Fury: Even if this universe doesn't disintegrate, we can't keep this up much longer. The Academy is a magnet for destruction. I've seen the Avengers die before, but it's different now. I think we can do more good if we send the kids out where they can save the universe properly.
Pepper Potts: Release them into the wild?
Nick Fury: We have to trust that we've done all we can for them. Besides, it's a big Multiverse. Someone's gotta take care of it.
Pepper Potts: How do you want to tell them?
Nick Fury: By using the most powerful method of communication we have...