"Brilliant. Determined. The Future of Super Heroes."


Building Iron Man suits in her dorm room, Ironheart, civilian name Riri Williams, is a Premium Character you could first recruit to your academy during the Armor Wars Event. Her Introductory Quest was Get Ironheart! Her Mission Board Quests can be found here.

Requirements Edit

Armor Wars Event Edit

  • Level 6 to start the event
  • 545 Shards

Best of 2017 Retrospective Mini-Event Edit

  • 595 Shards

Upgrades Edit

  • Avengers Academy 2.0:
Rank Title Cost Mission
2 500 Credits, 10 Tech Parts Ironheart Mark I, pt. 3
3 Iron Maiden 1,000 Credits, 25 Tech Parts Tech and Tactics, pt. 2
4 5,000 Credits, 50 Tech Parts Fix the Future, Pt. 1
5 Invincible Ironheart 20,000 Credits, 100 Tech Parts Fix the Future, Pt. 3
  • Avengers Academy 1.0:
Rank Armor Wars Event Post Event
2 10 Jetpacks, 3,500 Iron Scraps 11, 839 Credits
3 15 Jetpacks, 4,000 Iron Scraps 37, 462 Credits
4 20 Jetpacks, 4,500 Iron Scraps 48, 993 Credits
5 30 Jetpacks, 5,000 Iron Scraps 96, 028 Credits

Combat Attributes Edit

Ironheart was never released for combat in Avengers Academy 2.0.

Appearance Edit

Ironheart's Rank 1 outfit is a cropped black leather jacket over a red hoodie and yellow shirt, black pants, and red Ironheart armor boots. She wears a red and yellow gauntlet on one hand and a yellow glove on the other. She also wears a blue and yellow necklace.

Ironheart's Rank 3 outfit is a red hooded vest over a short-sleeved yellow shirt and a long-sleeved black undershirt. She wears black pants and knee-high red and yellow Ironheart armor boots and gauntlets. She also wears yellow goggles perched on top of her head.

Ironheart's Rank 5 outfit is her full red and yellow Ironheart suit.

Character Relationships Edit

Mockingbird Edit

Mockingbird offers to work with her, and Ironheart is thrilled to learn from her as a fellow scientist.

Shuri Edit

Shuri and Ironheart quickly bonded over their enthusiasm for inventing high-tech weaponry and became friends.

Whiplash Edit

Whiplash tries to recruit Ironheart to his side during the Armor Wars Event, but she refuses.

Soundbites Edit

Ironheart is voiced by Dani Chambers.

  • "Do you have an off switch?"
  • "Here comes the cavalry!"
  • "I can do this!"
  • "I have some serious concerns."
  • "I'm flying away... in style."
  • "I'm going to fly."
  • "I'm the real deal!"
  • "I'm totally ready for this."
  • "It's insanely cool to meet you!"
  • "I win!"
  • "Suit up!"
  • "This is the craziest thing I've ever done."
  • "This is your plan?"
  • "This just might be awesome!"
  • "Watch this!"

Actions Edit

Icon Name  Time Location Rank Notes
Action Be a Genius
Be a Genius 3h Timeless Archives (bookcase) 1
Action Make Some Improvements
Make Some Improvements 4h Stark Tower 1
Mar action dances at lounge large v2@4x
Fit Right In 2h Club A (dance floor) 1
Action Blast Off Ironheart
Blast Off! 3h 30m Quad 2 Requires Iron Man
Holo Display Icon
Create the Future 3h Stark Tower (holo display) 5
Mar action night out v3@4x
Go On A Mission 5h The Quinjet Hangar (Quinjet) 3
Holo Display Icon
Go to Space! 4h Stark Tower (inside) 5
Mar action falcon punch- large v2@4x
Practice Turbo Punches 2h Avengers Dorm (punching bag) 3
Mar action talk to Jarvis large v2@4x
Refine Your A.I. 4h Stark Tower (J.A.R.V.I.S.) 2
Mar action play with particles large v2@4x
Synthesize New Elements 2h Pym's Lab (chemical station) 4
Mar action talk to Jarvis large v2@4x
Test Your Inventions 4h Stark Tower (J.A.R.V.I.S.) 4
Mar action use computer large v2@4x
Watch Cartoons 15m Timeless Archives (computer) 2

Trivia Edit

  • Ironheart reverse-engineered an Iron Man suit in her dorm room.
  • Ironheart's hero is Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman to travel space.

Gallery Edit

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