Iron Widow, Pt. 1

Iron Widow, Pt. 1 is an Event Quest and the part of the limited-time Civil War Event. Black Widow orders Iron Man to make her an outfit that will let her get closer to Hydra (and thus the secrets of the Winter Soldier).


  • Unlock Iron Widow!
    • 8 Spy Cameras
    • 6 Widow Stars
    • 5 Smoke Bombs
    • 3 Cloaking Devices
    • 2,408 Vibranium
Character Action Time Location
Black Widow Search for Cloaking Devices 4hr Paths
  • Rewards one Cloaking Device

Quest Dialogue Edit

Black Widow: Cap wants me to tell you to make robots, but I want you to make me a suit. Something undetectable so I can get close enough to that Hydra platform to see what they're planning, and free the prisoners.
Iron Man: Sure, I've already designed a Mark 1.7 stealth armor. Has radar-absorbing coating, ECM jamming, and a wave-modifying plasma layer. I was making it for me, so I'll need to take your measurements...
Black Widow: I'm pretty sure you've spent enough time staring at me to know my measurements.
Iron Man: Good point. You want it in hot pink, right?
Black Widow: ...
Iron Man: I'm kidding! I'll see if I can add a sense of humor while I'm at it...
Iron Man: I'm so glad I'm not a Hydra guy right now.
Iron Widow: The armor's great, Tony. Thank you.
Iron Man: So you're Team Tony now?
Iron Widow: I'm Team Make Hydra Wish They Never Messed With Avengers Academy.
Iron Man: That's a horrible hashtag, but I'm glad I'm on your team.
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