Iron Spider-Man, pt. 1

Iron Spider-Man, pt. 1 is an Event Quest and part of the Infinity War Event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Spider-Man Sling Some Webs 3m Avengers Hall (roof)
Spider-Man Wall-Crawl! 4m The Daily Bugle (outside)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Green Goblin: That's right, Peter. I'm me, and you're you, and this is a plot twist.
Iron Spider-Man: All right, Gobbo. So what's the catch? Is there A.I. in the armor that will make me go evil? Will the armor turn on me and start punching me in the face while I'm wearing it? Answer me!
Green Goblin: Peter, Peter, you wound me. There is no catch. I merely allied with that cretin Stark to produce a wearable of mass destruction.
Iron Spider-Man: My Spider Sense is saying that you're about to tell me the catch, even though you just said there isn't one.
Green Goblin: I want to put that Iron Spider-Man armor to the ultimate test. I have a few familiar faces for you to fight.
The Lizard: Ssspider-Man... That new sssuit looksss tasssty!
Venom: We will devour you!
Doctor Octopus: My eight arms are better than your eight legs!
Iron Spider-Man: You want me to beat all of them?
Green Goblin: No, I want them to kill you, but testing the limits of that armor you're wearing would be an adequate consolation prize.
Loki: Well, well. Looking good out there, Puker Pedestrian.
Iron Spider-Man: Don't mess with me, Loki. I just beat half my rogues' gallery, and with this Iron Spider-Man armor I barely broke a Spider-sweat.
Loki: Come now! The ease with which you vanquished the Sinister Six doesn't surprise me in the slightest.
Iron Spider-Man: It doesn't?
Loki: Perish the thought! Although... if Iron Hot Dog and Gobby the House Elf made that armor, I wonder what it's really capable of...
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