Intel and Tangoes!, Pt. 1 is an Event Quest and part of the A.I.M. Attacks! Event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Black Widow Test Lipstick Laser 2hr The Robo Dojo (arena)
Black Widow Hack The System 2m Stark Tower (holo display)
Iron Man Tinker With Tech 1hr Avengers Dorm (left chair)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Undercover Black Widow: I need to test my weapons, and use Stark Tower to try and find what A.I.M.'s using for security at the gala.
Iron Man: ...
Undercover Black Widow: Are you okay?
Iron Man: Yeah. Sorry. Anything you want. You look incredible...
Undercover Black Widow: Thank you, Tony.
Iron Man: Can I help?
Undercover Black Widow: With what?
Iron Man: With anything?
Undercover Black Widow: No thanks, Tony. The dress and I will take it from here...
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