Inhuman Insecurities, pt. 2

Inhuman Insecurities, pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the Inhumans Event.

Requirements Edit

Upgrade Karnak! (Rank 3)

  • 55 Green Terrigen Crystal, 3,500 Attilan Artifacts
Character Action Time Location
Karnak Hit Weak Spot 4m Avengers Dorm (punching bag)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Madame Hydra: I have a class to teach. What do you want?
Karnak: You are a standard human. I don't understand why you inspire such fear in your students.
Madame Hydra: I'm the most commanding leader Hydra has ever seen!
Karnak: Yet your pride makes you weak. Thank you. That will be all.
Karnak: You're just a fanatic with daddy issues.
Baron Zemo: Hydra couldn't handle me!
Karnak: And your bizarre fixation with Captain America makes you feel inadequate.
Baron Zemo: Your face is inadequate! Zemo rules!
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