Inhuman Expectations, pt. 2

Inhuman Expectations, pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the Marvel Rising Event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Inferno Just Breathe 4h Avengers Dorm (right chair)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Auran: I heard you were having some trouble with your new abilities.
Inferno: That's kind of your thing, isn't it? Hearing stuff?
Auran: Are you making fun of me 'cuz of my ears?
Inferno: I didn't mean to... it's just that... oh, come on!
Auran: Haha! Don't be so sensitive! I'm not!
Inferno: But you did overhear what can only be described as a private and somewhat whispered conversation I had with Gorgon and Karnak.
Auran: Yeah, I hear what I want to hear. Life after Terrigenesis is awesome, but it takes some getting used to. And you, my friend, and this is just a suggestion, need some thicker skin.
Gorgon: It's important that you learn to control your emotions.
Inferno: Emotions run hot. Flames run hotter.
Gorgon: Like so many Inhumans, you have been given the gift of exceptional abilities. You simply need to train yourself so the abilities don't run away with you. I mean, imagine your body is a vehicle, and you must learn to drive it.
Inferno: How can you help me do that?
Gorgon: You have to understand how your powers relate to your mind, and develop a system to control your mind and emotions. How to control your body and your powers will then become very clear.
Inferno: I'm ready to try! You want to put on a fire-proof suit or something?
Gorgon: I'm good.
Inferno: Badass.
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