Infinite Possibilities, pt. 2

Infinite Possibilities, pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the Legends Assemble Event.

Requirements Edit

Rank up Hank Pym! (Rank 5)

  • 20,000 Credits, 100 Science Chemicals
Character Action Time Location
Hank Pym That's Impossible! 3m S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q. (inside)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Hank Pym: I will travel to the Microverse and capture any evil alternate scientists hiding there, but I need you to patrol our universe! Every form of life along all spectrums of the space-time continuum depends in our success!
Iron Man: Super-science bros!
Moon Girl: Bros? You do realize that I'm the smartest...
Doctor Octopus: Please.
Black Panther: There's no time to fight amongst ourselves. The fate of the world depends on our courage and creativity.
Hulk: Hulk smartest there is.
Amadeus Cho: Thanks, Hulk. I'm glad you noticed.
Spider-Man: Our headquarters can be my Aunt May's house! She makes the best brown butter oatmeal cookies. Just a heads up, she keeps the house super hot, turns the TV up super loud, and all of her furniture is covered in plastic!
The Leader: I know nothing of your Aunt or her cookies, but I adore a proper scientific collaboration! Let the big brain brainstorming begin!
Iron Man: I've already captured seven evil versions of me! I got so many good facial hair ideas!
Hank Pym: That's great, Tony...
Iron Man: What's wrong, Professor Pym? I've never seen you this... calm.
Hank Pym: I discovered that the one super-scientist I've been searching for all these years has been hiding in our world all along...
Iron Man: Isn't that a good thing?
Hank Pym: He's a very good scientist. And our very worst villain...
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