Indestructible!, pt. 2

Indestructible!, pt. 2 is a Event Quest and part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Event.

Requirements Edit

Name Action Location Time
Star-Lord Dance-Off! Club Galaxy (dance floor) 15m

Quest Dialogue Edit

Ayesha: Armor will not save you. Accept the inevitability of your destruction.
Galactic Star-Lord: Nah. I feel pretty good about this. I beat Ronan with a puffy jacket and sweet dance moves, so you won't be a problem. Especially now.
Ayesha: I've seen better dancers on Dyofor.
Galactic Star-Lord: I mean, yeah, Judans are awesome dancers. Their psychic powers and four arms give them really good balance. Also, they look like big potatoes.
Mantis: Did you just show up the cranky gold lady with the power of dance?
Galactic Star-Lord: And the power of my super awesome armor.
Mantis: Let's try bumping fists for fun!
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