Immortal Combat! is a Event Quest for Marvel's Doctor Strange Event.

Requirements Edit

  • Learn about combat!
  • Defeat a Zealot!

Quest Dialogue Edit

Zealot: Doctor Strange is using Mystic Beings to defeat our forces.
Kaecilius: He's smart. Did you know he was a doctor at the age of fourteen? He's like a magical Doogie Howser.
Zealot: I don't understand that reference.
Kaecilius: Don't worry about it. His Mystic Beings will most likely destroy you soon anyway.
Zealot: Will you retrieve our spirits to serve you in the afterlife?
Kaecilius: Is that a thing?
Iron Man: Back in my day, we used robots to fight invading villains. We didn't have these fancy Mystic Beings...
Doctor Strange: I can teach you some magic, so that you don't have to bother with technology.
Iron Man: Please. Everybody knows science is better than magic.
Doctor Strange: Is that why Director Fury called the Sorcerer Supreme to close the dimensional rift after his ingenious super-scientists failed?
Iron Man: We didn't fail, we just didn't succeed yet.
Doctor Strange: Of course. And you didn't lose this argument, you just didn't win it yet.
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