I Swear, Pt. 1

I Swear, Pt. 1 is an Event Quest and part of the Monsters Unleashed Event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Elsa Bloodstone Destroy All Monsters 2m Monsters Arena
Wasp Create a Buzz 3m Quad

Quest Dialogue Edit

Elsa Bloodstone: I have the feeling that some of our classmates may be monsters in disguise...
Wasp: A bunch of them are monsters! Dracula, Lizard, a few Hulks depending on your definition of monster. Cap is a werewolf. Black Widow was Cthulhu for a while. Symbiotes if you count those...
Elsa Bloodstone: That many?!
Wasp: At least! We thought Taskmaster became a zombie once, but it turns out he's just super good at makeup. He's teaching me how to do the perfect smoky eye.
Elsa Bloodstone: What even is this place?
Wasp: Totally awesome!
Elsa Bloodstone: Care to explain why you want me to hunt down some monsters, but you let others join the school?
Nick Fury: I can control some monsters. Some I can't.
Elsa Bloodstone: This entire school is out of control.
Nick Fury: You know how hard it is trying to keep a school of aliens and superhumans in check? I had a full head of hair when this place opened.
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