Hunky-Dory is an Event Quest and part of the British Invasion Event. Black Knight is thankful to Loki for freeing him.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Loki Wield Sorcery 1m Paths
Black Knight Gallop Onward! 15m Paths

Quest Dialogue Edit

Black Knight: Thanks again for breaking the curse, Loki. I'm sure I can control the Ebony Blade now...
Loki: Do you honestly believe it's a good idea to keep using that sword?
Black Knight: I need my sword and my trusty steed to protect Camelot.
Loki: You do realize that this isn't a medieval castle?
Black Knight: Stand aside, miniature wizard! I must protect my kingdom!
Loki: I liked you better when you were evil.
Loki: What are you looking at?
British Bulldog: Grrrrr...
Loki: You actually know, don't you? You're probably the smartest one here. Although that's saying much...
British Bulldog: Grrrrr...
Loki: Anyone who thought I was going to help construct a magic portal without getting something in return clearly hasn't been paying attention. Some of these artifacts aren't quite what they seem to be...
British Bulldog: Woof?
Loki: Believe it or not, my intentions are relatively pure. I'm more interested in revealing Fury's secrets and lies than perpetuating my own, and these artifacts may be the key.
British Bulldog: Woof!
Loki: Follow me, wrinkly beast. I've always secretly wished for my own sidekick...
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