Hulk knock life

Hulk Knock Life, Pt. 1 is an Event Quest and part of the limited-time Gamma Attack! event. It's time to finish off Red Hulk once and for all!

Requirements Edit

  • Get 150 Red Gamma Blockers
    • Each Battle with Red Hulk gives you 11 RGB
Character Action Time Location Needed
Wasp Bob And Weave 2hr Quad (flying) 5
Black Widow Test Your Armor 4hr Stark Tower (inside) 3
Falcon Read To Succeed 8hr The Timeless Archives (book) 2
A-Bomb Roll To Battle 12hr Paths (automatically gives 1 RGB)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp: I'm about to knock out Red Hulk!
Falcon: You sure? Me and Black Widow can take care of it.
Wasp: No way. I'm sick of these guys wrecking my school, and threatening my friends. Plus, I had an awesome scrapbook party planned that's super ruined right now...
Falcon: Okay. I'd argue, but I'm more afraid of you than him...
Falcon: Are you alright?
Wasp: I'm fine. I can text left-handed...
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