Howling Commando!

Howling Commando! is an Event Quest and part of the Avengers Halloween Event 2017.

Requirements Edit

Free Werewolf by Night!

Place Halloween Arcade Game!

Quest Dialogue Edit

Vampire by Night: We're about to get you out of here, uncle Jack.
Werewolf by Night: ARRROOOOOOOOOOO!
Vampire by Night: Do you really have to howl in my ear?
Werewolf by Night: Sorry, I've been holding that in for three weeks.
Cap-Wolf: Welcome to Avengers Academy! I'm hoping you can teach me how to best use my werewolf abilities.
Werewolf by Night: The first question is are you willing to be a werewolf full-time? Anyone can be a werewolf during Halloween. It takes real dedication to be a werewolf in the middle of summer.
Cap-Wolf: I mean, I sort of like being able to just turn it on and off whenever I like...
Werewolf by Night: Come talk to me when you're serious about howling at the moon for no reason, and uncontrollably running on all fours.
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