Hero of Harlem, pt. 2

Hero of Harlem, pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the Luke Cage Event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Luke Cage Be Indestructible 5m The Blasting Range (targets)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Iron Fist: Sounds like you were successful clearing out the gang that was camped in Marcus Garvey Park.
Hero for Hire Luke Cage: Successful? Sure, I ran them outta there. But it's not over. They're regrouping by the river.
Iron Fist: The people of Harlem are celebrating. They're calling you "The People's Hero!"
Hero for Hire Luke Cage: I'm just taking care of my family.
Iron Fist: Yeah, that's what a hero does.
Iron Fist: And it's what I love about you, man.
Hero for Hire Luke Cage: I hate to see Harlem under attack again. Marcus Garvey Park is trashed. and now they're setting up in Harlem River Park and doing the same dang thing.
Jessica Jones: They didn't go far. Maybe you didn't punch them hard enough.
Iron Fist: Hell's Kitchen is a mess too.
Jessica Jones: Is there any part of this city that isn't a mess?
Hero for Hire Luke Cage: You're such an optimist, Jones.
Jessica Jones: It's what you love most about me.
Iron Fist: Geez, guys, get a room.
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