"Savior of the Gods! Champion of Mankind! Master of Chest Hair!"


Greek demigod, Hercules, is a character you could first recruit to your academy during the Monsters Unleashed Event. His Recruitment Quest is Get Hercules! His Mission Board Quests can be found here.

Requirements Edit

Monsters Unleashed Event Edit

  • Level 6 to start the event
  • 22 Gold Pterodactyls
  • 34 Chest Hair
  • 14 Golden Fleeces
  • 4,600 Space Herbs

Thor: Ragnarok Event Edit

  • Ragnarok Resistance Crate, 55 shards

Upgrades Edit

  • Avengers Academy 2.0:
Rank Title Cost Mission
2 500 Credits, 10 Mystic Fragments Flex on Mortals, Pt. 3
3 Lion of Olympus 1,000 Credits, 25 Mystic Fragments
4 5,000 Credits, 50 Mystic Fragments
5 Immortal Avenger 20,000 Credits, 100 Mystic Fragments
  • Avengers Academy 1.0:
Rank Monsters Unleashed Event Post Event
2 34 Gold Pterodactyls, 6,160 Space Herbs 25 Monsters Unleashed Tokens
3 48 Gold Pterodactyls, 8,820 Space Herbs 35 Monsters Unleashed Tokens
4 65 Gold Pterodactyls, 12,120 Space Herbs 45 Monsters Unleashed Tokens
5 82 Gold Pterodactyls, 19,670 Space Herbs 55 Monsters Unleashed Tokens

Combat Attributes Edit

Hercules was never released for combat in Avengers Academy 2.0.

Appearance Edit

Hercules' Rank 1 appearance is a backwards orange baseball cap, green tank top, gold medallion necklace with a lion design, brown cargo shorts, gold bracelets, and brown flip flops.

Hercules' Rank 2 appearance is a green tank top, brown pants with a belt and medallion buckle, and brown gladiator sandals. He also wears a gold bracelet on his right arm and a gold headdress.

Hercules' Rank 3 appearance is brown pants with a dark green utility belt, gold kneepads, and brown gladiator sandals. He also wears a gold bracelet on each arm and a gold headdress.

Character Relationships Edit

Amadeus Cho Edit

Hercules and Amadeus Cho are best bros.

Ares Edit

Despite how much Ares hates his half-brother Hercules, he admitted that he'd be honored to fight by his side.

Enchantress Edit

Hercules flirted with Enchantress.

She-Hulk Edit

Hercules and She-Hulk once went on a dinner date. She suggest they go on a second date sometime.

Thor Edit

Hercules and Thor enjoy a friendly rivalry.

Wasp Edit

Hercules once lost a hot dog eating contest with Thor and Wasp. Wasp won. Hercules said she's the only person that can party harder than he can.

Soundbites Edit

Hercules is voiced by ??

  • "I'd rather wrestle monsters."
  • "I'm working on my tan."
  • "I was just about to flex!"
  • "Let me tell you a story."
  • "Let's eat!"
  • "Let's pump some iron!"
  • "What do you know of adventures?"
  • "Who said he was the strongest?"
  • "You can call me 'Herc.'"
  • "You think your family is crazy?"

Actions Edit

Icon Name Time Location Rank Notes
Mar action dances at lounge large v2@4x
The 13th Labor! 5h Club A (dance floor) 2
Hercules (Earth-TRN562) from Marvel Avengers Academy 003
A True Olympian! 15m Quad 2
Mar action lab get physical
Commune With Zeus! 5m Pym’s Lab (Tesla coil) 1
Hercules (Earth-TRN562) from Marvel Avengers Academy 002
Toy With Beasts! 15m Monster Arena 1
Mar action use stark initiative large v2@4x
Soak Thy Muscles! 2h Stark Tower (Stark Initiative) 1
Hercules (Earth-TRN562) from Marvel Avengers Academy 004
Flex Muscles! 15m Club A (dance floor) 1
Mar action search for clues v3@4x
Visit Olympus! 2h The Quinjet Hangar (Quinjet) 4
Mar action use computer large v2@4x
Post Workout Videos! 5m The Timeless Archives (computer) 4
Mar action make a scene large v2@4x
PARTY! 1m Club A (bar) 3
Mar action falcon punch- large v2@4x
Hold Back! 2h Avengers Dorm (punching bag) 5
Holo Display Icon
Craft Ambrosia! 5m Stark Tower (holo display) 3
Mar action hidden shield large v2@4x
Be Legendary! 15m S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q. (inside) 5

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Gallery Edit

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